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November 25th by Community

Welcome to the Community News! There is always some interesting news, fan fiction, comic, artwork, guide or machinima that is worth sharing. In this blog we will provide you with a recap of this week's latest news and community highlights!

This week's news from Azeroth

Who is Deathwing?
WoWJuju has created a magnificent article on "Who is Deathwing?"

Pulse - World of WarCraft News
Pulse is back with another batch of WoW News. The updates in this video include speculation on the Patch 4.3 release date, the 64bit Client, Minewind & More!

Mists of Paragonia
Having followed the flow of information about Mists of Pandaria, world leading guild Paragon are sharing their thoughts on the new expansion, the Pandarens and the new Monk class.

Harrison Krix's Fanmade Doomhammer!
Ladies and Gentlemen - Thrall's Doomhammer is real! Harrison Krix, a freelance props and replica artist, has crafted Warchief Thrall's iconic weapon in amazing detail.

World of Warcraft 7th Anniversary Tribute
Italian fan site Battlecraft has created a video tribute to celebrate World of Warcraft's 7th anniversary

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