Vengeful Gladiator’s Screenshots

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April 13th by Community

The Arena Pass realm is soon to open its doors, and we want to see what you’re getting up to! The Arena Pass is not only for those with the drive to become a Vengeful Gladiator – many of you just want to have some fun, experience something new in PvP, or try out a new class in the white heat of battle. So it’s time to share your adventures!

Over the next month, we’d love to receive screenshots showing you battling it out against other contestants in arenas and duels, or maybe even relaxing with your team around the world between your matches. You should feel free to include captions of text in English to enhance the captivating nature of the image. If your screenshot is selected it will then be added to the Vengeful Gladiators album on the World of Warcraft Facebook page for all to see!

This is how brave our fansites were last year – now it’s YOUR turn!

You can sign up for the Arena Pass realm here, or find out more about this great opportunity to enjoy some spectacular 3v3 Arena action here. If you’re participating on the Arena Pass realm or even just playing regular arena on your home realm and feel that you have created a screenshot that is worthy of the Vengeful Gladiators album, you’re very welcome to e-mail it to us.

Your e-mail should be sent to us in the following format in order to be considered for a spot in the album:

  • To:
  • Subject: [Arena] Character Name, Arena Team Name, Guild name (not required but preferred to give credit to you)
  • Body: (optional) A short caption for your screenshot
  • Attached: The screenshot of course!

We’re looking forward to receiving your awesome screenshots – see you on the Arena Pass realm! For death and glory!