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May 27th by Nethaera

They watch. They report. They discuss. They are . . . WoW Insider. Join us to learn a bit more about the personalities behind the page and what the site can do for you—and if you’re not familiar with WoW Insider, perhaps we can help acquaint you.

Captained by Editor-in-Chief Alex Ziebart, WoW Insider hosts a variety of articles and features, including the latest World of Warcraft and Blizzard news, opinion pieces, fun community creations, and guides to help you get the most out of the game.

What really sets WoW Insider apart are the unique personalities you’ll find among the site’s contributors. We thought this would be a great time to introduce you to some of them.

About the Bloggers

Matthew Rossi: The self-proclaimed “old man” of the site, Matthew Rossi is one of the editors on WoW Insider. He’s one of the “go to” guys for Warriors and happens to have a couple of his own . . . or three . . . or more. (Many more.) He’s also roams through the intricate annals of Warcraft lore and lends his insights to the Know Your Lore column along with partner in crime, Anne Stickney.

Anne Stickney: Her uncanny insights into the World of Warcraft story make us wonder if she’s secretly a member of the Timewalkers. Anne serves up a veritable buffet of Azeroth knowledge and puts it all into perspective for lore neophytes and aficionados alike. Matthew Rossi and Anne Stickney’s encyclopedic Know Your Lore series is a great way to get the lowdown on the places and people you’ll encounter in Azeroth and beyond.

Adam Holisky: Jack of all trades and posts, Managing Editor Adam Holisky keeps his finger on the pulse of many topics. His body of work include news updates, patch release information, and The Queue, where WoW Insider contributors answer questions from the World of Warcraft community.

Elizabeth Harper: If you’re looking for something to discuss over your morning meal, you may want to check in on Elizabeth Harper’s Breakfast Topics. She also covers various news items and throws in a bit of Hearthstone coverage now and then for good measure.

Sarah Pine: A grand prize winner of the Blizzard Creative Writing Contest, Sarah has not only written several short stories for Blizzard (including her winning entry In the Shadow of the Sun), but also lends her voice to the site as a content editor.

Elizabeth Wachowski: You can join Elizabeth for her series of Around Azeroth articles, which feature unique and interesting screenshots submitted by the community, along with insight and commentary from the folks who snagged them.

If you’ve got questions, then you might find your answers in their Warlords of Draenor guide—it’s an easy way to stay up to date on what’s happening with the upcoming expansion.

But wait! There are more contributors, too, such as Michael Gray with his WoW Moviewatch column, and Amanda Miller with the Sunday Morning Funnies.

WoW Insider Show

Podcast fans can also catch up on the latest WoW news and thoughts from the staff by checking out the WoW Insider Show live podcast each week with regular hosts Anne Stickney, Michael Sacco, and Matthew Rossi. You can catch the stream on Twitch or subscribe to the show on iTunes so you don’t miss an episode. There’s always a link to the latest show on the front page of the site as well.


If you’re looking for a helping hand in your adventures, WoW Insider puts together some top-notch guides, such as Elizabeth Harper’s Rookie Guide series that helps new and returning players become acquainted with World of Warcraft.

The guides on WoW Insider run the gamut of game content, including a full overview of Mists of Pandaria, as well as articles that reach back into World of Warcraft’s past.

There’s much more the site has to offer, and your best bet is simply to visit WoW Insider and take a look around for yourself. There’s sure to be something of interest to you.

Are you a frequent WoW Insider visitor? If so, what’s your favorite feature? Who’s your favorite WoW Insider writer?

Let us know in the comments!