Community Spotlight: Fan Art by Ken Liu

June 20th by Crithto

Ken Liu is a mobile-game UI designer and freelance illustrator who also happens to create some awesome Blizzard-inspired art. In this installment, we shine the spotlight on his Warcraft-themed work.

A student of art, Ken has been painting since he was 17 years old and has found inspiration in the works of artists such as Brom, Paul Bonner, Howard Terpning, and our very own Wei Wang. Below are some pieces of Ken’s breathtaking art.


CommSpot_KenLiu_WoW_Lightbox_Game-of-the-Hunters_CK_170x250.jpg     CommSpot_KenLiu_WoW_Lightbox_Charge_CK_170x250.jpg     CommSpot_KenLiu_WoW_Lightbox_Hogger-the-Bane_CK_170x250.jpg


CommSpot_KenLiu_WoW_Lightbox_LichKing_CK_170x250.jpg     CommSpot_KenLiu_WoW_Lightbox_Disaster_CK_170x250.jpg     CommSpot_KenLiu_WoW_Lightbox_Cataclysm_CK_170x250.jpg


You can check out more of Ken’s work by stopping by his deviantART page.