Community Spotlight: Towelliee

January 8th by Kaivax

With nearly 80 Million views on Twitch and over 71,000 subscribers on YouTube, Roberto “Towelliee” Garcia stands among the most successful World of Warcraft streamers of all time. His dedication to daily broadcasts and his passion for tanking have combined to become the stuff of legend, but Towelliee is as approachable and engaging in-person as he is … imposing. After we recently re-watched his initial Legion Demon Hunter gameplay impressions live from BlizzCon 2015 (see below), we asked him to submit to a few interview questions for this week’s spotlight.

Q: How did you first getting started playing video games?

 A: It all started in about 1986, playing Nintendo. I started out on games like Excitebike and Kung Fu. I remember being a part of the Nintendo Super Power Club and getting Nintendo Power magazines to learn more about the games for the system. I would look at the magazine with my Dad who was a huge fan of video games and always fascinated by them.

 Q: Where did you go from there?

 A: I was actually a huge FPS nut, playing a fair bit of competitive Team Fortress Classic from 1998-2003. My friends at work were all into MMORPGs, and would always talk about Everquest, Ultima Online, and Lineage. One day they were going bonkers over World of Warcraft. My boss actually had access to the Beta in early 2004, and he invited me over to play. Let’s say -- I didn’t show up to work for a few days, maybe a week. Regardless, I’m now an 11-year veteran of the game.

Q: What was your favorite overall experience playing?

A: I would have to say finding a home with the Death Jesters guild on Stormrage-US. They have been around for 11 years, and to be a part of that family has been the best experience for me. Coming in a close second would be stabbing Onyxia with the Ancient Blade to get my Quel’Serrar in Classic WoW. That moment stamped the tank seal on me; it’s when I became a tank.

 Q: What advice would you give to a player who is just getting started with WoW?

 A: Take it slow. Don’t boost your way to max level. Enjoy the lore of the game and experience and explore Azeroth and any other planets you may eventually encounter. Find people to group with and quest with. Never be afraid to talk in general chat and ask for help if you are lost. Is Barrens chat still a thing?

 Q: Yes it is. I just checked on a couple of realms. Other than considering Barrens chat, what advice would you give to a WoW player who wants to start making videos?

 A: Do it for fun! Don’t go into making videos or streaming because you hope for riches and glory. Build the content because you have a passion for the game, and let that passion drive you to make videos that others will enjoy. Remember that not only are you having fun making videos or streaming, you’re also affecting people’s lives with your personality, your content, and your love for the game. Start reading up on tutorials on how to work with programs like Sony Vegas and Photoshop. Communicate with other content creators for tips and tricks, as well. A lot of content creators out there became successful because they learned the proper methods to get started.

Q: What do you think of the future of WoW?

 A: Legion brings one of the biggest changes to World of Warcraft in a very long time. The Artifact system is mind blowing. I have played ONLY tanks for 11 years, and this will mark the first expansion I will play DPS classes and also (/gulp) healers as well, because of the amazing job done with the Artifact weapon system.

I think the newly revamped PvP is also worth checking out. I am happy to see tanks getting their own arsenal of PvP talents to be able to stand with the other specs. The changes to Arenas with premade templates for stats is awesome as well. We finally get to dive into the Emerald Nightmare which a lot of us have been waiting YEARS for. In the end you got the champions of Azeroth: Sylvannas, Illidan, Gul’dan, Xavius, and so many more juggernauts in ONE expansion. 2016 is going to be a great year for WoW.

And we think 2016 is going to be a great year for Towelliee. If you’re looking for more of him, check out Towelliee on: