Updated: Broken Shore, Demon Hunters, and Invasions Now Live

August 23rd by Blizzard Entertainment

The next stage in the World of Warcraft: Legion pre-expansion experience has begun! As of August 16, new quests involving Dalaran, the Council of Six, Jaina Proudmoore, Magni Bronzebeard, and Khadgar are underway. Demon invasions have increased in number and are occuring more frequently.

The Burning Legion’s incursion on Azeroth is now underway—here’s what you can expect:

All current level-98 characters will receive a quest to go to the Broken Shore, a new Scenario that takes you to the front lines of the Legion's assault.

Demon invasions will begin across Azeroth, and all charcters level 10 and higher can participate in the resistance.

If you've pre-purchased World of Warcraft: Legion digitally, you can create your Demon Hunter and play through the new class's starting experience in Mardum and the Vault of the Wardens.

Once you complete the Demon Hunter starting experience, you'll be sent to your faction's capital city. From there, your Demon Hunter is ready to join your allies and defend Azeroth against the invading Burning Legion.

We’ll see you at the defense of Azeroth!