Celebrate 20 Years of Diablo in World of Warcraft!

Diablo Anniversary
January 5th by Blizzard Entertainment

Just when you thought the Burning Legion invasion was the only one, creatures of Sanctuary have started pouring into Azeroth to celebrate 20 years of Diablo.

From now through January 9, players who complete Legion dungeons will spawn a naughty Treasure Goblin. Defeating him will reward some loot and open a portal to a place that has long since only been rumored to exist—the infamous Cow Level. Killing the Cow King* will reward a unique toy and a Feat of Strength. Slaughter enough goblins and you’ll be able to complete a Tome of Town Portal toy or collect a 28-slot Horadric Satchel.

Don’t miss out on this special event!          

*While the Cow Level can be visited multiple times, you’ll get just one shot at the Cow King’s loot, so make it cownt count.