Dungeon Preview: Seat of the Triumvirate

Patch 7.3
August 24th by Blizzard Entertainment

Once the center of eredar power, the long-abandoned Seat of the Triumvirate has been overtaken by the presence of the Void and its Shadowguard. Within this dungeon’s halls, you’ll find new challenges to undertake and learn of the tragic fate of one of the draenei’s treasured naaru allies.

Location: Argus
Difficulties: Heroic and Mythic
Level: 110
Bosses: 4

As a setting, the Seat of the Triumvirate is more deeply steeped in Warcraft lore than just about any dungeon this side of Karazhan. In crafting the Mac’Aree region of Argus, the team was eager to explore the tragic history of the eredar that led to the fall of Argus, while also giving players a break—both narratively and visually—from demonic Legion forces as the primary antagonist. As we saw back in the events at the Sunwell, there is a fine line dividing the opposing duality of Light and Shadow, and a similar dynamic has played out in this abandoned place. The dungeon also gives players a chance to learn more about Alleria Windrunner, and to witness her learning more about herself…
Developer Insights
Zuraal the Ascended

Zuraal represents the Shadowguard’s first success at creating a Void-infused Broken whose mind has not fallen into madness. A renowned brawler in his past life, Zuraal uses his newfound dark strength to empower his attacks and decimate his foes.


The ever-tactical Saprish deploys the forces of the Shadowguard with calculated precision. Though a skilled commander and strategist, Saprish relishes taking a direct hand in battle. He turns his foes’ weaknesses against them, leaving his vulnerable adversaries at the mercy of his voracious pets.

Viceroy Nezhar

Like others of his ilk, Viceroy Nezhar is obsessed with harnessing the power of the Void to serve his own ambitions. Drawn to the Seat of the Triumvirate by the immense darkness emanating from deep within, Nezhar will stop at nothing to claim it for his own. Given the viceroy’s experiments at infusing vessels with the power of shadow, the implications of what he might accomplish on Argus are dire indeed.


When Velen and his followers fled Argus aboard the Genedar, the naaru L’ura stayed behind to buy the draenei time to escape. Kil’jaeden, enraged by this betrayal, ordered the wounded naaru sealed away in the Seat of the Triumvirate. Over the long millennia that passed, L’ura fell from Light to Void. Her elegant song of courage and hope became a shadowy dirge of despair, luring those seeking to lay claim to her power.