WoW® Classic City Tour: Orgrimmar

WoW Classic
September 20th by Blizzard Entertainment

Finding trainers and supplies can take a little extra time to adjust to in WoW Classic, but we’ve got a handy guide to help you get around the Horde capital city of Orgrimmar.

Quick Index of Locations

*Weapon Trainer: (22) There are two Weapon Trainers located in the Valley of Honor—Weapon Master Hanashi and Weapon Master Sayoc.

  • Weapon Master Hanashi can teach bows, one- and two-handed axes, staves, and all manner of thrown weapons.
  • Weapon Master Sayoc can teach bows, daggers, fist weapons, one- and two-handed axes, and thrown weapons.
Profession Trainers Class Trainers and Supplies
Alchemy–The Drag (13) Hunter–The Valley of Honor (24) 
Blacksmithing–The Valley of Honor (21) Mage–The Valley of Spirits (3)
Engineering–The Valley of Honor (20) Priest–The Valley of Spirits (4)
Enchanting–The Drag (12) Rogue–The Cleft of Shadow (5)
Leatherworking–The Drag (14) Shaman–The Valley of Wisdom (10)
Tailoring–The Drag (15) Warlock–Cleft of Shadow (8)
Cooking–The Drag (16) Warrior–The Valley of Honor (18)
First Aid–The Valley of Spirits (4b) Poison Supplies–The Cleft of Shadow (6)
Fishing–The Valley of Honor (23) Stable–The Valley of Honor (25)
Herbalism–The Drag (17) General Trade Goods–The Valley of Strength (1)
Mining–The Valley of Honor (19) Reagents Vendor–The Valley of Strength (2) and The Valley of Wisdom (11)
Skinning–The Drag (14)
Tip: Don’t forget you can speak to one of the many guards throughout the city who can direct you to a variety of locations including: the bank, the wind rider master, the guild master, inns, mailboxes, stable masters, weapons masters, officers’ lounge, battlemasters, class trainers, profession trainers, and zeppelin master. They’ll mark your map with a red flag to indicate where you need to go. Keep in mind the bank in WoW Classic Orgrimmar isn’t in the same location as you may be familiar with in World of Warcraft.

Full Index of Locations 



NPC Type

NPC Name

1–Orgrimmar General Store Profession Supplies General Trade Goods Merchant Shimra
2–Spirit Fury Reagents

Class Reagents

Reagents Vendor


Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
3–Darkbriar Lodge Class Trainer Mage Trainer Uthel'nay
Class Trainer Mage Trainer Enyo
Class Trainer Mage Trainer Deino
Class Trainer Mage Trainer Pephredo
Class Trainer Portal Trainer Thuul
4–Spirit Lodge Class Trainer Priest Trainer Ur'kyo
Class Trainer Priest Trainer X'year
4b–Survival of the Fittest Profession Trainer First Aid Trainer Arnok
Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
5–Shadowswift Brotherhood Class Trainer RogueTrainer Ormok
Class Trainer RogueTrainer Shenthul
Class Trainer RogueTrainer Gest
6–Rekkul's Poisons Class Supplies Rogue Poison Vendor Rekkul
7–Shadowdeep Reagents Class Supplies Reagents Vendor Hagrus
8–Darkfire Enclave Class Pet Trainer Demon Trainer Kurgul
Class Trainer Warlock Trainer Grol'dar
Class Trainer Warlock Trainer Zevrost
Class Trainer Warlock Trainer Mirket

9–Ragefire Cavern Dungeon (Level 13-18)

Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
10–Grommash Hold Class Trainer Shaman Trainer Kardris Dreamseeker
Class Trainer Shaman Trainer Sagorne Crestrider
Class Trainer Shaman Trainer Sian'tsu
11–Asoran's Market Class Reagents Reagents Vendor Magenius
Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
12–Godan's Runeworks Profession Supplies Enchanting Supplies Kithas
Profession Trainer Journeyman Enchanter Jhag
Profession Trainer Expert Enchanter Godan
13–Yelmak's Alchemy and Potions Profession Supplies Alchemy Supplies Kor'geld
Profession Trainer Journeyman Alchemist Whuut
Profession Trainer Expert Alchemist Yelmak
14–Kodohide Leatherworkers Profession Trainer Expert Leatherworker Karolek
Profession Leatherworker Journeyman Leatherworker Kamari
Profession Trainer Skinning Trainer Thuwd
Profession Supplies Leatherworking Supplies Tamar
15–Magar's Cloth Goods Profession Trainer Journeyman Tailor Snang
Profession Trainer

Leatherworking Supplies Jillian Tanner
Profession Trainer Expert Tailor Magar
Profession Supplies Tailoring Supplies Borya
16–Borstan's Firepit Profession Trainer Cooking Trainer Zamja
Profession Supplies Cooking Supplier Xen'to
17–Jandi's Arboretum Profession Trainer Herbalism Trainer Jandi
Tip: When seeking out a weapon master to train a new weapon skill, keep in mind that each one specializes in specific weapon types. Weapon Master Hanashi in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar can teach bows, one- and two-handed axes, staves and all manner of thrown weapons. Weapon Master Sayoc in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar can teach bows, daggers, fist weapons, one- and two-handed axes, and thrown weapons. Weapon Master Ansekhwa in the lower rise of Thunder Bluff can teach one- and two-handed maces, staves, and guns and Weapon Master Archibald in the War Quarter of Undercity can train crossbows, daggers, one- and two-handed swords and polearms.
Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
18–Hall of the Brave Class Trainer Warrior Trainer Grezz Ragefist
Class Trainer Warrior Trainer Sorek
Class Trainer Warrior Trainer Zel'mak
19–Red Canyon Mining Profession Trainer Mining Trainer Makaru
Profession Trainer Mining Trainer Gorina
20–Nogg's Machine Shop Profession Supplies Engineering Supplies Sovik
Profession Trainer Expert Engineer Nogg
Profession Trainer Artisan Engineer Roxxik
Profession Trainer Journeyman Engineer Thund
21–The Burning Anvil Profession Trainer Expert Blacksmith Snarl
Profession Trainer Journeyman Blacksmith Ug'thok
Profession Trainer Armor Crafter Shayis Steelfury
Profession Trainer Armorsmith Okothos Ironrager
Profession Trainer Weaponsmith Borgosh Corebender
Profession Trainer Artisan Blacksmith Saru Steelfury
Profession Supplies Blacksmithing Supplier Sumi
22–Arms Legend Weapon Trainer Weapon Master Hanashi
Weapon Trainer Weapon Master Sayoc
23–Lumak's Fishing Profession Supplies Fishing Supplies Shankys
Profession Trainer Fishing Trainer Lumak
24–Hunter's Hall Class Trainer Hunter Trainer Sian'dur
Class Trainer Hunter Trainer Xor'juul
Class Trainer Hunter Trainer Ormak Grimshot
Class Pet Trainer Hunter Pet Trainer Xoa'stu
25Stable Area Stable Stable Master Xon'cha