Brave the Beyond: Shadowlands is Now Live!

November 23rd by Blizzard Entertainment

The time has come and a new journey has begun within the Shadowlands beyond the veil. Where will your calling lead you? We’ve gathered all the information you could need to guide your way.

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Expansion Features and Updates

Level Anew with Threads of Fate

Explore the Shadowlands on your other characters—whether it’s your second, third, or thirtieth—in an adventure-packed experience as you level to the new max of 60! [Learn More]

Level Characters with Timewalking Campaigns!

Experience a streamlined narrative as you level to 50 before heading into the Shadowlands! [Learn More]

Skill up with Professions

Forage and forge new items in Shadowlands. [Learn More]

Forge Your Own Legendary Items

Forge powerful legendary gear customized to your specifications and defeat the perils that plague the Shadowlands. [Learn More]

Explore the Dungeons of Shadowlands

New adventures await within the 8 new dungeons in Shadowlands—4 leveling dungeons and 4 max-level dungeons. [Learn More]

Meet the Shadowlands Covenants

In Shadowlands, players will be able to quest through four new zones ruled by ancient and powerful Covenants. Upon reaching the max level of 60, players will be able to join one of these Covenants as they continue to explore the Warcraft universe’s afterlife and the many mysteries and adventures that it holds. [Learn More]

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands introduces a variety of new adventures for players to undertake, including Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Explore its ever-changing halls and chambers and do battle with the minions of the Jailer, Torghast’s vile ruler, to claim legendary treasures and free the heroic spirits trapped within. [Learn More]


Prepare to put your tactical skills to the test. In the expansion’s new Adventures feature, you’ll send your allies into the Shadowlands to tackle unique challenges for your chosen Covenant. You’ll need to be strategic about how you take on these combat puzzles, including who you’ll send to face them and how you’ll use their skills to claim victory. [Learn More]

Tell Your Story with Character Customization

With hundreds of new additions with thousands of new combinations, Shadowlands’ new character customization options will help you better create the characters you envision in your mind. [Learn More]

Shadowlands: Castle Nathria and Season 1 Goes Live December 8

Shortly after the release of Shadowlands, Season 1 will begin and the gates of Castle Nathria will open as the expansion’s first raid experience. [Learn More]

Adventure Awaits in the New Starting Experience

Adventure awaits in Azeroth in an all-new starting experience arriving with Shadowlands. Available to both veteran players and new, this introductory excursion is a great way to begin forging your path through the world. [Learn More]

Mobile App Interface
A New Look for the WoW Companion App

Take World of Warcraft anywhere you go with multiple expansion support. [Learn More]

Shadowlands Content Update Notes

Learn more about the changes and new additions for the Shadowlands in our content update notes. [Learn More]

Zone Previews

Bastion and Kyrian Covenant

Journey deeper into the resplendent fields of Bastion. [Learn More]

Maldraxxus and the Necrolord Covenant

Within war-torn Maldraxxus, might—of all kinds—makes right. Here, in the birthplace of necromantic magic, those who master the powers of death turn legions of ambitious souls into relentless immortal armies. [Learn More]

Ardenweald and the Night Fae Covenant

A twilight-tinged afterlife for those closely connected to the wild, Ardenweald is a domain of restoration tended by the mystic night fae. Within this eternal forest, massive dream trees draw in precious anima to feed the spirits of nature awaiting rebirth. [Learn More]

Revendreth and the Venthyr Covenant

As you explore four otherworldly zones—Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth—you will meet the Covenants that rule the afterlife realms in the Shadowlands. Your final destination in the narrative arc is the shadowy realm of Revendreth. [Learn More]

The Maw

The Maw is a tumultuous, hopeless land where the vilest souls in the cosmos are imprisoned forever. Should the ancient evil chained here break free, all of reality will be consumed. [Learn More]

The Story So Far

Warcraft Short Story: "We Ride Forth"

Nazgrim, Thoras Trollbane, Sally Whitemane, and Darion Mograine—the Lich King’s Four Horsemen—travel to Icecrown, hoping to ascertain their master’s inscrutable plans, and put an end to them if necessary.
We invite you to download and read the short story by written by Robert Brooks here.

Additional Media

Afterlives Animated Shorts

Visit our previously published article to view all credits.

Read the Shadows Rising penned by New York Times bestselling author Madeleine Roux—available to purchase on Penguin Random House now. Check out a sample of the novel in our previously published article.  

Additional Media

Listen to the World of Warcraft Shadowlands Soundtrack

The way to the afterlife—ripped open. As the careful balance between life and death falters, the anthems across the land of shadows call heroes to make a choice.

The Shadowlands soundtrack is available to stream or purchase from your favorite digital music source. Get it now on iTunesSpotify, and Deezer.

Listen to the Haunting Sounds of Shadowlands

We’ve unleashed a new composition of the main title for World of Warcraft, Through the Roof of the World,” which takes you on an auditory journey through Azeroth and beyond the veil.

Composed by: Glenn Stafford, Neal Acree, David Arkenstone, Grant Kirkhope, Jake Lefkowitz and includes classic World of Warcraft themes by Jason Hayes.
Music Director: Derek Duke

Loading Screen Wallpapers
Shadowlands Continent Loading Screen- Bastion, Oribos, Ardenweald Version
Shadowlands Continent
Shadowlands Continent Loading Screen- Maldraxxus, Revendreth, The Maw Version
Shadowlands Continent
Shadowlands Continent

The Shadowlands await beyond the shattered sky.