Defy the Odds in Torghast When Eternity's End Arrives

February 16th by Blizzard Entertainment

The halls of Torghast continue to shift, revealing new passageways where the Jailer's forces are gathering to halt your efforts. Overcome increasingly complex challenges while ascending the Jailer's Gauntlet and be rewarded with unique items, including a battle pet and mount.


The New Jailer's Gauntlet Awaits

There are no requirements to defy the challenges held within the Jailer's Gauntlet, and this new mode is available to all max-level Maw Walkers. Completing each Layer within its diabolical halls will grant you valuable one-time rewards such as the Lightless Tormentor Battle Pet, Gauntlet Runner title, Colossal Ebonclaw Mawrat mount, and Dominated Hearthstone toy!

A More Challenging Torghast

Don't expect an easy ascent—these already haunting halls have been made more daunting with four new Layers (13–16); a blessing for those seeking more opportunities to earn Cosmic Flux, along with the expected Soul Ash and Soul Cinders to help upgrade valuable gear.

Bring a halt to the Jailer and his forces in Eternity's End, and learn more about Torghast, Tower of the Damned here.

See you in the Shadowlands!