Take Flight in the Emerald Dream with Dragonriding Updates

Guardians of the Dream
October 19th by Blizzard Entertainment

In Guardians of the Dream, there will be more opportunities to dash, dive, and dip through the skies in the saddle of your favorite dragon with new and challenging content. There are Dragonriding races for you and your scaled sky pal to master, world quests that take you on adventures filled with exploration, and more glyphs and customizations to collect. Also, you'll want to master your moves because Dragonriding is a critical ingredient in the new Raid, Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope.

More Glyphs, More Traits, and Look Great!

From day one in the Emerald Dream, champions can take to the skies and explore in pursuit of Glyphs to learn three new traits:

  • Swift Skimming (Passive): Ground Skimming can occur now while affected by Thrill of the Skies.
  • Wind's Respite (Passive): After activating Aerial Halt, experience a moment of weightlessness as the effects of gravity are reduced for 4 seconds.
  • Second Wind (Active, 3 charges, 3-minute recharge): Reach within for untapped reserves and instantly generate 1 Vigor.

There are also fresh new color customizations to collect for the Grotto Netherwing Drake after completing the "Dragon Keeping" quest line.

After traveling to Outland and back, it's only natural these drakes seek out new skies.

More Races to Rise Above

The sky's the limit as you dart through new and challenging racecourses and Dragonriding World Quests in the Emerald Dream.

Each of the following courses will have the Normal, Advanced, Reverse, Challenge, and Reverse Challenge options.

  • Ysera Invitational
  • Smoldering Sprint
  • Viridescent Venture
  • Shoreline Switchback
  • Canopy Concours
  • Emerald Amble

Take on the aerial task at hand to receive titles for your skill in the skies:

  • “Dream Racer”: Complete the course in the gold time bracket on all Normal, Advanced, and Reverse races.
  • “Emerald Ace”:  Complete the course in the gold time bracket on all Challenge and Reverse Challenge races.

Climb Aboard the Whimiscal Whimsydrake

As you continue the Campaign, venture into the Emerald Dream through the portal in the Ancient Bough and speak with Merithria to receive your new Flourishing Whimsydrake mount and a slew of opportunities to earn colorful customizations along the way.

These playful protectors of the Emerald Dream may be larger than their faerie dragons relatives, but they are no less mischievous.

Heed the call of the skies in the Emerald Dream, champions, adventure abounds! Guardians of the Dream arrives on November 7—more to come as we draw closer to the next update for Dragonflight. Watch the official World of Warcraft news site for more details.