Adventure is Ahead for May’s Community Discords Program

May is a big month for World of Warcraft! We've got Dark Heart, World of Warcraft Remix: Mist of Pandaria, and Cataclysm Classic all going live. And guess what? Our Community Discords are here to make May even more awesome! Let's dive into the excitement together and celebrate the fun of WoW.

Starship in May

Four Into the Darkness
  • Date: 19 May at 19:30 Realm Time

A collaboration between the Starship and Timewalking communities. Adventurers battle their way through Ulduar timewalking in teams of Four in a head-to-head speedrun challenge. Watch live at

Will they succumb to the madness of Yogg Saron? Or rise victorious!


Race to World Worst - Season 4
  • Date: 26 May at 19:30 Realm Time

The Starship legendary speedrun tournament is back for its fourth season— Classic dungeon edition.

Eight teams of three adventurers, locked to level 30 and geared to the hilt take on the challenges of Gnomeregan, Lower Blackrock Spire, Uldaman, and Stratholme to try and complete them the fastest! There is still plenty of time to register a team for the event. However there are limited spaces so you will need to move quickly. Head to to apply.

Can't enter? No worries. You can watch all the antics on their cast at

Sunday Raid School for New Players and Alts
  • Date & Time: Every Sunday from 20:30 Realm time

Are you new to raiding or looking to enhance your skills in a supportive and non-judgmental environment? Join Starship every Sunday for their Raid School. All skill levels are welcome as our experienced raid leaders guide you through current content raid strategies. If you can't make it in-game, catch the action on Twitch.

Join Starship community:

Dungeon Dojo in May

Mythic+ Monday
  • Date & Time: Every Monday

Every Monday the whole community comes together to help each other learn how to do Mythic+ content. Beginners, returning players or those who are learning a new class or specialization.

Weekly Raids: Awakened Raids
  • Date & Time: Every Wednesday and Friday

The Dungeon Dojo is helping the community to complete all the Awakened Raids on Normal difficulty to obtain the Voyaging Wilderling Mount! Currently DungeonDojo is running dedicated Wednesdays and Fridays for EU players, with the option of Sunday for an extra session! Spoiler: DungeonDojo is moving to Heroic difficulty soon!

Lord of the One Ring Treasure Hunt
  • Date & Time: Friday the 24 of May to Monday the 27 of May.

From Friday the 24th to Monday the 27th DungeonDojo is hosting an exciting Treasure Hunt event, where players will have to find one ring, any ring, and then destroy it in a certain volcano! Sounds familiar? Possibly! For a complete set of rules, join DungeonDojo community!

DungeonDojo x Make-a-Wish
  • Date & Time: Friday the 31 of May.

On the 31st of May, DungeonDojo will live stream their Awakened Raid run with a goal to raise money for Make-a-Wish children charity. The raid will be led by an unexpected leader!

Join DungeonDojo Community:

GoldGoblinNet in May

World of Warcraft Pandara Remix Quiz (German)
  • Date & Time: From the 16 of May to the 30 of May.

This May GoldGoblinNet is running an everything Mist of Pandaria quiz! All participants will need to answer 12 questions about Mists of Pandaria correctly to enter the giveaway.

Join GoldGoblinNet community for more details -

ChromieDE in May

World of WarcraftRemix: Mists of Pandaria Transmog Competition (German)
  • Date & Time: the 17 of May

Already dressed up in World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria?

In the spirit of the Remix, ChromieDE is running a speedy transmog competition!

Gather with the team this Friday at 9:00 CET in Jadewood. Remember to dress in your flashiest attire as all attendees will be photographed in-game and judged in a fashion court by the ChromieDE team! The competition will be streamed live at

Join ChromieDE community for more details -

With so much to do in May, there’s no time to waste! Make sure to check in on the various Community Discords for any new activities they may have in store for the month.