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Timewalking Highlight: The Arcatraz

With Timewalking coming soon to World of Warcraft, it's a good time to look deeply into The Arcatraz

8 years ago
Patch 6.2 Preview – To the Shipyard!

In World of Warcraft Patch 6.2, you’ll oversee your Garrison’s first new major construction project—and take command of your forces in a whole new theater of war.

8 years ago
Dev Watercooler – Itemization in 6.2

We’re making some changes to our Raid itemization with the goal of improving the Personal Loot experience, creating more interesting distinctions among items, and providing rewards that more closely reflect the challenge players face to earn them.

9 years ago
Preview 6.2 – Pets Galore

As we continue to explore new territory in Draenor, it should come as no surprise that new battle pets and new battle pet rewards will be found. Thus far, Draenor has contained a great deal of diversity for pet battlers, and Patch 6.2 will be no different. Let’s take a look at some of what’s in store for your pet collection in Patch 6.2.

9 years ago
Patch 6.2 Preview—Bonus Events and Adventure Guide

As development continues on Patch 6.2, we’re excited to share some additional information on two new upcoming features—Bonus Events and the new Adventure Guide.

9 years ago