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The Dragonslayer Challenge and Cataclysm Arena Tournament are Here!

Prepare to watch the fastest speedrunning guilds in the Dragonslayer Challenge, then tune in to the action as celebrated combatants clash in the Cataclysm Classic Arena Tournament. Watch the show unfold on Twitch and YouTube over the next two weekends!

22 days ago
This Week in WoW: 24 May, 2024

Catch up on all the latest World of Warcraft news from the last week!

a month ago
Cataclysm Classic: Battle for Control of Tol Barad

Tol Barad is an island off the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms, sought after by the leaders of the Horde and the Alliance for its strategic location. In World of Warcraft®: Cataclysm Classic™, players will engage in an 80 vs 80 battleground to seize control of this prized territory.

a month ago
Unveiling Cataclysm Classic Zones, Dungeons, and PvP Season 9

Cataclysm Classic™ provides seven new zones to explore, nine new dungeons, and more beginning 20 May at 23:00 BST globally. The 29th of May also introduces the start of a new PvP Season followed by the opening of three raid dungeons on 30 May at 23:00 BST globally. Take a journey into the shattered lands and plumb the depths of what this classic experience has to offer.

a month ago
This Week in WoW: 10 May, 2024

Catch up on all the latest World of Warcraft news from the last week—jump into the next content update for Dragonflight—Dark Heart, choose between Worgen or Goblin in Cataclysm Classic Welcome Back Weekend, join the path of discovery in Season of Discovery Phase 3 with the Discoverer’s Delight experience buff, relive epic adventures with an all-new event—WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, and more!

a month ago
Cataclysm Classic Beta Now Live

Reignite the fire early when you sign up to play World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic Beta before it hits the servers in 2024.

4 months ago