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Scale Up with the New Dracthyr Evoker

With the release of phase 2 of the pre-expansion patch, players with Dragonflight can create and play the new dracthyr Evoker, a hero class that serves as both a race and a class in combination.

a year ago
Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Update Notes—Now Live!

The Dragonflight Pre-Expansion update is live!

a year ago
Dragonflight Beta Key Giveaways Are Here!

Join your favorite content creators in the coming weeks for a chance to claim a Dragonflight beta key.

a year ago
[UPDATED AUG 25] Dragonriding and You: Ascending to New Heights of Skill

Master a new skill and learn how to make the most of your Dragon Isles Drakes in Dragonflight.

a year ago
Dragonflight City Preview: Valdrakken

A shining treasure within Thaldraszus, Valdrakken is a testament to the power of cooperation between all the dragonflights.

a year ago
Express Yourself with New Dracthyr Emojis!

Whether you’re chatting with friends on Discord, Twitch, or social media, you can express yourself with new dracthyr emojis for (nearly) every occasion.

a year ago
Dragonflight Preview: Get to Know the Dracthyr Evoker

Meet the new dracthyr race and learn more about the new class—the Evoker— as we take you into who they are and what they are all about.

a year ago
Dragonflight Preview: More on Professions

In this preview, the World of Warcraft development team shares more on the new profession updates and shows off some of the new crafting stations and equipment becoming available in Dragonflight.

a year ago
Dragonflight Preview: A Closer Look at the Dracthyr

The new Dracthyr race provides a variety of customization options including bold horn options, diverse color options, and more. In this preview, we show off more of the available options the Dracthyr form has to offer.

a year ago