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Azeroth Needs You! – On the Patch 7.2 PTR Thursday

We need you on the PTR this Thursday at 2 pm PST as we move further into the testing phase of Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras. Please join us to test the latest features and changes!

7 years ago
6.2.2 Patch Notes - Patch Arriving September 2

Patch 6.2.2 arrives Tuesday, September 2. Once live, players with the Draenor Pathfinder achievement will be able to take to the skies of Draenor. Read the current PTR patch notes here.

8 years ago
WoW Token Coming Soon – Additional Details

The recently announced WoW Token is currently in testing on the PTR, and is slated for launch some time after the March 24 release of Patch 6.1.2. In the meantime, we wanted to share some additional details about the Token, including regional pricing information and more on our global rollout plans.

9 years ago
The Iron Tide: 6.0.2 Patch Notes

Patch 6.0.2 is now available for testing on the Public Test Realms (PTR)! Please be aware that PTR patch notes are preliminary and not final. Details may change before retail release and new information will be added for additional features as development continues on the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

9 years ago
5.4.7 PTR Patch Notes: February 11

Patch 5.4.7 is now available for testing on the Public Test Realms (PTR). Participating on the Public Test Realms lets you test patches before it has been released.

10 years ago
5.4 PTR Now Live! – Updated September 4

Get a sneak peek of the features and content for patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar on the PTR!

10 years ago
PvPTR - Arena Testing Event

We’re holding PvP testing events on the Patch 5.4 PTR, and you’re invited!

10 years ago
Patch 5.4 Arena Update

Big changes are coming to World of Warcraft’s Arenas that will make participating more convenient and competitive than ever before, and some of those changes may begin appearing on the PTR very soon.

10 years ago
Ask the Devs — Now Closed

When a World of Warcraft Public Test Realm is opened, our community tends to have plenty of questions about it. To satisfy your curiosity, we plan to hold informal Q&As directly with the developers during future PTRs.

11 years ago
Patch 5.2 PTR and Patch Notes - February 25

The first World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria patch of 2013 is currently in development and this is your chance to see some of the things that are in the works. This patch will include a massive new raid dungeon, a multi-faceted new quest hub, Pet Battle improvements, new world bosses, significant class balance changes, brand new pets and mounts, assorted bug fixes, and more.

11 years ago
Patch 5.2: The Thunder King Teaser

We’ve prepared a glimpse of the environments and denizens coming in the 5.2 patch, which is now available on the PTR. Stay tuned for more development updates in the weeks ahead.

11 years ago
Public Test Realm Patch 5.1 - Updated: November 8

The first World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria patch of the year is in development and now available for testing on the Public Test Realms.

11 years ago