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Unlocking Flying: Pathfinder Part One

Hold your ground mounts! Flying becomes available in Patch 7.2 - and if you haven't already started on your journey, now is the time.

7 years ago
Raid Preview: The Nighthold

The journey through Suramar has been fraught with intrigue and danger as the heroes of Azeroth have fought to help reclaim this shining city. It’s time to take the next step and face the challenges within the Nighthold.

7 years ago
Patch 7.1 Preview: New Adventures in the Broken Isles

Here’s a look at an assortment of Patch 7.1 activities you can enjoy in addition to your return to Karazhan.

8 years ago
Legion Zone Overview: Suramar

In this zone overview, we sat down with Senior Game Designer Steve Burke to talk about Suramar, the new maximum-level zone in Legion, to learn more about what you’ll experience there.

8 years ago
Legion Dungeon Previews: The Arcway and Court of Stars

Many challenges await the heroes of Azeroth in Legion, and among the most dangerous are the dungeons found in and around the Broken Isles. In this preview, we take a look at the final two of the expansion’s new release dungeons: The Arcway and Court of Stars.

8 years ago