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Dragonflight Twitch Drops: Get the Dashing Buccaneer’s Slops Transmog Now!

From September 5 until September 12, earn the Dashing Buccaneer’s Slops transmog set when you watch WoW Dragonflight streams on Twitch!

9 months ago
Legion: Mounts, Pets, and More

Treasures are plentiful in the Broken Isles for those who know where to find them. If you're looking for a challenge, or just an opportunity to fill in your collections, then we've got you covered with a bounty of pets, mounts, and more just waiting for you.

4 years ago
World of Warcraft: Game Systems Panel

On the Main Stage at BlizzCon 2015, the World of Warcraft Development Team just completed their Game Systems panel. Lead Quest Designer Craig Amai, Senior Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft, Lead Class Designer Kris Zierhut, Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit, and Lead Game Designer Matt Goss Took time to go into more detail about at the new class, items, class design, professions changes, and itemization coming in World of Warcraft: Legion.

9 years ago