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Postcard from the MDI Spring Finals: East meets West

The teams have landed in Sydney and are preparing for the first day of competition.

4 years ago
MDI Spring Finals Head Down Under

Sydney will host the best dungeon-running teams in the world this weekend.

4 years ago
Viewer’s Guide: Mythic Dungeon International Spring Season

WoW esports is off to the races with the MDI!

5 years ago
The Mythic Dungeon International Time Trial Guide

Time to warm up!

5 years ago
Welcome to the Proving Grounds

Run five level 14 Mythic Keystone Dungeons for Tournament Realm access.

5 years ago
AWC and MDI Competitive Rulings

Comprehensive source of rulings and actions in WoW esports.

5 years ago
MDI All Stars at BlizzCon: A Viewer’s Guide

Everything you need to know about our most high-pressure race of the year!

5 years ago
Angels Fly at MDI's European Regional

Favorites went down early and unorthodox play defined the highly anticipated European stage of the tournament.

6 years ago