Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Gahz’rooki

May 31st by Crithto

It seems fitting that trolls would be mixed up in some pretty crazy stuff, especially considering the recent antics of Vol’jin and the Darkspear tribe. Wah wah, we don’t like Garrosh! He’s a big meanie!

But I digress. Remember when times were simpler? When it was our duty to hone our abilities, learn to defend ourselves, and protect the realm? In those days, my mission was pretty straightforward: sharpen my blade on beasties, show no mercy, and don’t come back unless I’m bleeding. With that in mind, as a young lad I traveled to Zul’Farrak to face what was then considered a “fearsome” demigod: Gahz’rilla. Whatcha think of my electrified scale cloak?!

Oh, how things have changed. Now we’re all caught up in the mess being made by the current “warchief.” I put “warchief” in quotes there because—let’s be honest—he’s little more than an egomaniacal bully out to sate his bloodlust and spread his warmongering way to the rest of us until we all die a horrible, sha-riddled death as Azeroth implodes upon itself.

So here we are, charged with defending the realm once again, and preparing to ensure we can stop whatever nonsense Garrosh is up to before it’s too late. This means we need to face off against the Kor’kron Guard while we help the trolls. Yippee!

For you tamers, the reward is grand, and should remind you of the Zul’Farrak-in’ days of yore. It’s a shame you don’t have three heads, Crithto!


Crithto: Guttural muttering from deep within your three throats will only get you so far, but Gahz’rooki is so much more than just a mini-hydra with an attitude. A triple play of Whirlpool, followed by Tail Slap, and finishing with Swallow You Whole should give you the edge against most of your opponents. If you’re into guarantees, you can take comfort in 100%-chance-to-hit moves like Geyser and Devour. Either way, you’ll become a demigod of Pet Battles with this little Aquatic fellow on your team!


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