Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Lil’ Bad Wolf

June 21st by Crithto

Well, tamers, while you’ve begun to show some signs of development from my rigid training regimen, you’ve yet to truly experience terror. Terror beyond your wildest dreams. Terror that cannot be described by mere archaic words. Terror that eats your soul and spits it back out, only to pluck it off the ground and wrap it up. . .

. . .in a quilt. A lovely, handmade quilt!

You know, there’ve been moments I wished certain individuals I encountered were members of my incredibly powerful family—characters of surpassing might who leave you gasping for life while mocking your insignificant existence with their laughter. Yet, in all my years on Azeroth, no one has impressed me as much as Grandmother. Sure, Karazhan might seem like the ideal place to relax and spend your twilight years, but once inside, one quickly finds that hope is a lost cause and nothing is what it seems. Run away, little girl, run away!

Though she’s a sweet, gray-haired old lady . . . who has big ears, big eyes, and phat lewtz . . . she’s also the one responsible for countless delicious deaths—and the keeper of a Spiky Collar that’s even more epic than Crithto’s. Huff and puff, lil’ pug!


Crithto: A pint-sized picture of Grandmother’s true form, Lil’ Bad Wolf is the prized pet you’re after. Chew through your opponents and leave them clinging to life with merciless abilities like Howl and Mangle. If defense with dire ramifications is more your style, open with Dodge, and follow up with Counterstrike and Pounce, quickly earning an advantage against faster-moving foes. Whatever your strategy, you’re sure to feel like all the world’s your stage with this angry canine on your team!

While chatting with the Echo of Medivh about this week’s training exercise over some tea and crumpets, he had this to say: “Mwahahahaha!!” I guess that means he thinks you’re too feeble to take on this challenge, so why don’t you go prove him wrong? DON’T LET ME DOWN, OPERA LOVERS!

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