PvPTR - Arena Testing Event This Saturday


We’re holding PvP testing events on the Patch 5.4 PTR, and you’re invited!

If you’ve ever jumped onto a PTR to check out PvP changes, you know that finding opponents for an Arena or Battleground match can be hit or miss. To facilitate more consistent and active participation in PvP testing, we’ll be hosting special “PvPTR” events that should lead to quicker queues, more matches, better competition, and—ultimately—better feedback on issues that affect PvP balance.

And your feedback definitely matters! After you play, we’d love for you to contribute to the topics in the PTR Discussion forum.

Our first-ever PvPTR test will be happening soon, and you’ll have a chance to join other avid PvPers on the PTR to compete in Arena and Battleground matches and try out class updates and balance changes.

These are the dates and times of each event:

​Patch 5.4 PvPTR - Part One

Wednesday, July 10
4 p.m. PDT–9 p.m. PDT

Patch 5.4 PvPTR - Part Two

Saturday, July 20
8 a.m. PDT–1 p.m. PDT

Our pals over at Arena Junkies are getting into the mix as well. They’ll be supporting these two testing sessions with giveaways, and getting some top PvP streamers involved too. Check these streams out during the testing times for some high-end PvP-centric commentary on class changes coming in Patch 5.4.


Note that these folks may not be streaming all hours of both days—and because it’s live, the content might not be appropriate for all ages in the heat of battle.

If you'd like participate, and potentially face the above streamers, you can start by copying your character and downloading the PTR client. We recommend doing this as soon as possible so you can work out any potential issues before the PvPTR dates. If you experience any issues, visit the PTR Bug Report forum to report them. We’re also looking forward to your feedback after each event on the PTR Discussion Forum.

See you on the battlefield!