Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Hopling

November 23rd by Crithto

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wore a red cloak. One day, she decided to take some fresh Spice Bread and Highland Sheep Cheese to her grandmother, who lived in Elwynn Forest. Skipping along the path, she hummed her favorite tune and pictured all the fun times she’s had visiting with Gammy. Upon reaching the door, she could smell the warm scent of freshly made hot cocoa with cinnamon—this was to be a great day. A great day, I tell ya!

Politely, the little girl knocked at the door and announced her arrival before letting herself in. Ahh, her home away from home—so peaceful, so warm. For her, being at Gammy’s house was like experiencing every holiday all at once. She skipped through the front room and kitchen and proclaimed her presence before peeling back the curtain to her grandmother’s room.


For you see, Gammy wasn’t home. She was at the local market, and taking up residence in her bed was a nasty, bucktoothed, demented rodent named Hopling. His beady eyes narrowed and his front teeth glistened with drool as the little girl reeled back in horror. Suddenly, his orange-tinged mouth opened and—with what can only be described as the most wretched sound ever produced—he spewed forth a torrent of semi-digested carrots. Yuck!!

Vengeance, my dear tamers . . . vengeance shall be yours! Give ’em the grimm details, pug.


Crithto: That poor little girl . . . horrified and reeking of carrots and bile. You must exact revenge for our red-cloaked friend, and this is how you’ll do it: Venture into Stormstout Brewery and seek out 30 Golden Hoplings, which are hidden throughout the facility—see the achievement Ling-Ting’s Herbal Journey for reference. Beware of Hoptallus, who will attempt to prevent you from succeeding by using a similar vomitus-based technique. But as soon as you’ve passed this beast and collected all 30, you’ll be able to take control of a Hopling of your own for your Pet Battles team! Once enlisted, place him at the front line, where the nasty little lagomorph can make good use of abilities like Sticky Goo and Dreadful Breath against your opponents. Make him your puppet for a disgusting victory—perhaps only then will Hopling reform his retch-ed ways.

There you have it! We must do what we can to avenge this atrocity and bring Hopling to justice. And see? I’m not as cold-hearted and apathetic as some of you think. I’ll be damned if a fuzzy, stinky beaver-rat-bunny hybrid can destroy perfectly delicious bread and cheese without restitution! Mmmmmm, I’m hungry now. Get to work—I’ll be here tending to my rumbling tummy whilst you get this handled.


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