Elemental Invasion Survival Kit

Elemental Invasion
November 20th by Lylirra

Azeroth's capital cities, once bastions of trade and commerce, are now under siege by forces from the Elemental Planes. While faction leaders have recently established Evacuation Portals throughout each city, allowing concerned denizens to safely escape before the next full-scale invasion occurs, we understand that accidents can still happen. In the event of an emergency, for example, you may become trapped, separated from your evacuation party, or be otherwise unable to reach a secure location.

To ensure that you're adequately prepared for this worst-case scenario and can survive until reinforcements arrive, we've created a list of items to include in an Invasion Survival Kit to help you withstand the wrath of the elements.

The following items are recommended for all Invasion Survival Kits:

  • Water. Up to one full stack of water per person per day. Conjured waters are the best for hydration, but herbal teas may also be substituted. Honeymint and thistle are popular brews.

    Regrettably, we have not yet determined to what extent the invading elementals can manipulate their surroundings, so please keep an eye on your water supply and report any suspicious activity to local authorities (e.g. disembodied eyes, unexplained vortices, or other sudden manifestations). Drink responsibly.
  • Food.  A three-day supply of non-perishable food including dried fruits and meats should be sufficient. If you're a chef by trade, you may also make food on the go; however, your faction leaders cannot be held responsible for any Elemental Rifts that may spawn from your Basic Campfires. Grill at your own risk.

    Note: While Fish Feasts are both convenient and portable, and can easily feed up to 25 people, we strongly recommend against including any in your Invasion Survival Kit. They unfortunately do not keep well and will likely make you smell. Who wants to rescue a smelly person? No one. Pack some jerky instead.
  • Elune's Lantern or a similar luminary device.
  • Bandages. For maximum preparedness, please ensure that your bandages are appropriate for your level range. Failure to do so may result in prolonged injury, wasted bag space, and/or death.
  • OOX Distress Beacon.
  • Vile Fumigator's Mask. Due to a sudden surge in wind and electrical storms, air quality is at an all-time low. We strongly advise that you pack an appropriate breathing apparatus to help filter airborne debris.

    If you don't have a Vile Fumigator's Mask on hand, that's okay. Blood Elf Bandit Masks, Shadoweave Masks, and Venomshroud Masks are all suitable filtration devices (and will keep you looking groovy). 
  • Topographical map of Azeroth.
  • Old Blanchy‚Äôs Blanket or similar covering.
  • Signal flares.

Additional items to include in your kit:

  • Deepdiver's Helmet, Hydrocane, or Potions of Water Breathing.
  • Onxyia Scale Cloak and other flame-retardant clothing.
  • Pocket healer.

We encourage all citizens to organize their kits as soon as possible and place them in a secure and easily-accessed location. While the worst is surely over, we'll rest easier knowing that you are armed with the appropriate knowledge and tools to ride out the worst the elements have to offer.


If you could create your own survival kit, what sort of essentials would you include?