Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Viscidus Globule

December 13th by Crithto

My spies with little eyes have informed me some of you were none too impressed with your last training assignment. Hrmph, that’s fine. You can mock me behind my back. You can chuckle about the ease of certain challenges. You can even claim you’ve previously succeeded and then think I won’t notice you taking a week off putterin’ around in your PJs—I wasn’t born yesterday. And the day before yesterday was when I was already prepared to handle situations like this. Aren’t you thankful?!

So it’s off to the bowels of the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj with you! Deep inside the lair where C’Thun dwells, you’ll find a blob of ectoplasm named Viscidus. The only speculation about this gelatinous life form comes from a wacky chemist in Undercity named Fuely who suspects its existence may be connected to the Old Gods. You better pray you have Old God–like skills, though, because that’s what you’ll need to take it down. Is “lawl” a real word? ’Cause that’s the noise I’m making right now!

Master Crithto has more for you.


Crithto: Skewered by an arrow and a stake, Viscidus lurches about inside its own chambers awaiting any life form it can assimilate into its cellular mass. If you’re quick and knowledgeable enough, taking Viscidus down shouldn’t be too difficult. And if you’re lucky enough, perhaps it’ll drop a dollop of itself, and you can become the proud owner of the Viscidus Globule. With this pet on your team, you can instantly get the upper hand—just open with Weakness and follow up with Expunge. But if the horrific memories of facing Viscidus inspire your strategy, feel free to give your opponent an agonizing death by unleashing Acid Touch, Poison Spit, and Creeping Ooze. One word of caution: If it latches onto your foot, kiss it goodbye!

Not so tough now, are ya?! And don’t even think about appealing to me to come in and make Viscidus weaker just for the sake of your projected success. You’re on your own with this task, and you had better start planning. Ahn’Qiraj is a cavernous temple riddled with many secrets, and it’s your job to figure out what it’ll take to defeat this creature. Sure, maybe you’re already strong enough to handle it, but are you patient enough?


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