Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Magical Crawdad

January 17th by Crithto

A few years ago while exploring the mountains around Blackwind Lake, I noticed it was getting dark. After arm-wrestling Sargeras, doing 1,000 push-ups with Ragnaros standing on my back, and then hiking for 307 straight hours, I felt it was a good time to get a little rest. You look impressed!

I set up camp, pulled up a boulder to prop my head upon, and fell asleep. But catching a few Zs wasn’t to be, as I was rudely awakened by a strange-looking crustacean standing by the shoreline. It had tentacle-horn-like things on its head and spiky shells on its shoulders, and its blood-stained claws were clicking together like mad. I drew my sword. I wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Like he would have had a chance!

But as I was about to turn him into a lovely supper, he just sort of waved at me. Then he spoke with a weird, clattering voice. “Speak with Mr. Pinchy and be granted a wish! Maybe something good . . . maybe something bad . . . Mr. Pinchy does not know!” So I did. And it was bad. And here he comes now!


Crithto: ’Tis a shame Payne can’t see me as the result of a good wish like most of you. Right? Right?? Anyhow, you’re off to Terokkar Forest, where you’ll need a savvy sense of fishing and a bit of luck—for if you too are able to locate the mystical Mr. Pinchy, you may end up the fortunate owner of a Magical Crawdad. Why is it magical? Because of one ability: Wish. It’s a massive heal and can be a tide-turner in Pet Battles. And its skills don’t stop there! Rush into the lead by using Whirlpool and Surge, increase its survivability by using Shell Shield, or even help your team with Renewing Mists. One word of caution, though: it does not like to cuddle. I’m off to get a bandage for my nose!

Aww, see? Told you he was bad!

So what does any of this have to do with your training? Azeroth is a big place filled with countless secrets to uncover and adventures to be had. In the course of your search for Mr. Pinchy, my hope is you will learn to have as much endurance, strength, and patience as me. Do you have what it takes?


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