Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Perky Pug

January 31st by Crithto

Sitrep: You’ve had plenty of time to work off food comas from the recent holidays, exercise your minds and bodies, and get a taste of the Celestial Tournament. Now it’s time to test your strength, cunning, and ability to not be eaten by a tiny little puppy! Oh, you might survive for a little while. Maybe you’ll even get to the point where I finally get to see some of the results of your training in action—but I’m betting you still get eaten!!

And there will be no moaning and complaining! I don’t care if you’re Horde or Alliance—this assignment is meant to challenge you and show how far you’ve come since we began honing your skills as a Pet Battler. I guarantee you, if you pass (also known as “survive”), the heavens will rain glory upon you, heralds in cities across Azeroth will shout your name out of sheer respect, and leaders of every faction will salute you with honor whenever you pass by.

Actually, none of that is going to happen. Haha, you should see your face right now!

Deep in the heart of Stormwind castle resides a furry monster with awful breath, a spikey harness, and a curly tail. Your test is to go there, find this menace, and challenge him to a fight! You’re not allowed to scream!

Here’s the miniature puff-ball now to give you some more details.


Crithto: This is the most awkward moment of my entire life. Uhem . . . if you wish to own a Perky Pug, you’re going to need to p.u.g. your way to victory. Simply earn the achievement Looking For Multitudes, and this handsome, charming, fantastic-smelling, cheerful fella will be delivered to your mailbox. Once properly trained, you’ll be able to take advantage of hard-hitting abilities like Comeback and Trample. This amazing animal also has great survivability when you use Buried Treasure and Burrow. As for Payne’s test, there’s not much I can say other than your chances of success are much greater should you bring bacon. Or is it the other way around?

No friends, no trickery, no whining, no crying—those are the rules! One of you goes in, one of you emerges triumphant. But if I see Crithto scampering around the canals seconds after you’ve gone in, then I’ll know you’re not ready to take on the big challenges. Oh yes . . . they get much bigger!


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