Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Voodoo Figurine

February 7th by Crithto

There are few things in this world that frighten me more than voodoo. Oh sure, I’m mighty, I’m strong, I’m even irresistible, but when you get into the dark arts of witchcraftery, even the great Payne shudders at the thought of being turned into a toad or a steaming pile of juju residue. Dis a nightmare ya don’ wake up from!

By the way, thanks to the "break" Crithto told you I was on a couple weeks ago, becoming a victim of voodoo is now impossible for me. Ha!

This leads me into this week’s training exercise. You might have learned a thing or two about trolls and juju and mojo on your recent artifact-excavating excursion, but now it’s time to put that knowledge into practice in the very heart of the Amani capital of Zul’Aman. There we’ll see if you’re able to avoid having your soul bled, or if you can keep the shadow from falling on you. In other words: can you stay away from the voodoo?!

Once inside, you’re to make your way through the labyrinthine city as quickly as you can, saving each of the captives the various Amani animal avatars have imprisoned. If you’re able to emerge from this musty city alive and with an Amani Battle Bear as your trophy, then I’ll know you’re capable of handling the pet Crithto is here to tell you about. Pay attention!


Crithto: To get your hands on the Voodoo Figurine, you’re going to need use your Archaeology skills to hunt down as many Troll dig sites as possible. Eventually, you’ll begin working on collecting the 100 fragments needed to unlock this pet. While you don’t really need to venture into Zul’Aman to add this pet to your collection, it’s imperative that you follow Payne’s orders if you want to survive having it on your side—otherwise this avatar of the undead might just hex you into oblivion. If you’re able to control this devilish doll, you can look forward to devastating abilities like Immolate, Flame Breath, Rot, and Shadow Slash. And if you think handling this companion is as easy as suckin’ down a Flask of Mojo or a bottle of Troll Sweat, you’ll be sorely mistaken!

Don’t let charlatans like Griftah fool you, there’s no room here for non-magical keepsakes and mementos to help you get through this challenge. You merely need skill, precision, tenacity, cunning, perseverance, foresight, strategy, endurance, determination, focus, speed, and a smidge of luck to be able to show me you’re ready.

Yes, that’s all you need. Why are you making that funny face at me?!


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