Major Payne’s Advanced Pet Battles Training: Old MacDonald

March 21st by Crithto

Old MacDonald had a farm, Teensy, Clucks, and Foe.
And on that farm he beat your team; aren’t you thankful, no!
With a Scratch, Scratch here, and a Peck, Squawk there,
Here a tear, there a tear, everywhere a robot gear,
Old MacDonald had a farm, Teensy, Clucks, and Foe!

Bet you can’t guess where you’re headed this week! And better yet, this Master Pet Tamer has a team of three who are sure to give your pets a serious challenge. I told you you’d pay for your insolence!

Firm, but fair; that’s what my pop used to tell me. And in keeping with this philosophy, you don’t have to start your crying in front of me just yet. But you should take a moment to narrow your focus. My training doesn’t get any easier as we go along, so once again, pay close attention to my pugtastic partner!


Crithto: You’re headed to Westfall, tamers. In the northernmost part of the zone along the road, you’ll find Old MacDonald and his tear-inducing team of pets: Teensy, Clucks, and Foe Reaper 800. (Revel in the fact you’re not facing the 900 model!) Given the pet families MacDonald’s team represents, your task is take him on with three of your own pets. But before you cheer with glee, you must use a team that consists of one Undead, one Aquatic, and one Magic--in that order. None of these pets can be higher than level 2, but at least you can rejoice in the fact that I was able to convince Payne to let you have a Magic. Hint, hint: pet quality could mean the difference between victory and bitter defeat!

Yes, okay, I let you have a Magic pet on your team, but you’re still not off the hook for cheating! For those who didn’t cheat, well, you’re just gonna have to show your fellow tamers how we get things done.


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