Mammoths on Parade

Community Spotlight
March 27th by Nethaera

There is nothing quite like a mammoth parade– the rumble of heavy feet stamping the ground in stolid purpose, shaggy dust stained coats swaying to and fro with every movement, shining tusks jutting out in defiance of any who would dare cross their path. No one knows the power of these grand beasts quite like Horde guild Violent Apathy of Bleeding Hollow. Being the neighborly sort they are– they occasionally take time out of their busy day to visit their Alliance neighbors within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Their march begins within the halls of the Shrine of Two Moons and ends within the Shrine of Seven Stars. Once at their destination, they share a little gift some like to call world PvP.



For more screenshots of their event, visit the Violent Apathy guild site.

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