Major Payne’s Advanced Pet Battles Training: Eric Davidson

May 2nd by Crithto

How cool would it be to delve into the history of the worgen—to research the heroics of Lo’Gosh, the influence of the Scythe of Elune, and the origins of the worgens’ mysterious curse? Well, this ain’t history class, so that’s exactly what we’re not gonna do!

Are you mad? Bark at the moon!

My fanged pal Eric Davidson hangs out in Duskwood, where he’s tamed a vicious team of creepy spiders. Once a pupil of mine, he’s come into his own and has acquired a newfound confidence in his quest to become a Master Pet Tamer. As fascinating as you think the history of his kin might be, Eric’s not interested in having his ancestry researched. He’s far more anxious to help you train while his team of eight-legged beasties injects their venom into your pets’ faces. Dissolving your insides one organ at a time!

Now that Crithto is back from the Stormwind vet (he doesn’t want you to know he had worms), he’s here to give you the lowdown on this week’s training assignment. You’re up, pugly!

Crithto: For the record, I did not have worms. No matter, let’s stay focused, shall we? This week you’re off to Duskwood, where you need to find Eric Davidson. He’s located in Raven Hill Cemetery and has a team of three level-7 spiders named Webwinder, Blackfang, and Darkwidow. Now, these arachnids are Beasts, so to keep things challenging, your team will need to include a level-6 Flying, a level-6 Mechanical, and a level-7 Critter or Humanoid—so you’re not overwhelmed, of course. Remember, if your team’s not blue, don’t come back to us with your QQ!

Crithto and his puns . . . fun stuff, right? OK, before you set off, one word of warning: do not make light of the fact that Eric has fleas. He hates fleas, and he hates being reminded he has fleas even more! If he starts to sniff and scratch, just make a comment about his crimson-stained teeth. He likes it when folks notice his smile.


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