Major Payne’s Advanced Pet Battles Training: Zonya the Sadist

May 9th by Crithto

The sultry voice of Zonya can be mesmerizing, but her sadistic ways are the stuff of legend. It’s rumored she used to pull the feelers off beetles in Orgrimmar when she was a kid so she could watch them wander in confusion while they screamed in pain. I’ve also heard that the reason Swiftmane runs around Northern Barrens like a rabid chicken is because of something horrible the zhevra witnessed Zonya doing to the other animals in the area. Let’s just say she’s not very nice!

When I’ve challenged her in the past, she wasn’t too gracious in defeat—and I have the scars to prove it. Zonya’s someone I wouldn’t want to mess with unless I absolutely had to, and that’s why I’m sending you to pay her a visit. Stop your pouting!

Crithto is here to tell you more about this Master Pet Tamer who probably won’t react well to losing.

Crithto: Zonya the Sadist can be found in Stonetalon Mountains along the Webwinder Path. She’s off to the side of the road not far from Krom’gar Fortress, south from Windshear Hold. Befitting her demeanor, she has an intimidating team consisting of Constrictor, a Beast; Odoron, a Critter; and Acidous, also a Beast. In order to make sure you continue to understand pet family strengths and weaknesses, your team will consist of a level-6 Humanoid, a level-6 Elemental, and a level-7 Critter in that order. Hopefully I don’t need to remind you about the rarity of your team. Also, it’s advised that if you happen to win, just run—run like the wind!

Years ago, I met a fortuneteller named Tia Dalma who asked for payment before she’d tell my fortune. In response, I gave her an undead monkey. She liked it, but she also didn’t care much for my incredible confidence. Ignoring that hex she put on me, my encounter with Tia reminds me of Zonya, except Zonya is a bit less charming . . . and a lot more dangerous.

You look worried.


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