Major Payne’s Advanced Pet Battles Training: Steven Lisbane

May 16th by Crithto

I think it’s time to take things up a notch. You’ve been doing pretty well against Master Pet Tamers who are still a little wet behind the ears, but as you work your way up to more experienced individuals, things are gonna get tougher! Are you ready?!

Granted, your next challenge isn’t too much of a leap from previous challenges—but that’s because you’re still wet behind the ears, too. Your look of disapproval means nothing to me!

Steven Lisbane is a hulk of a man with a deceptively polite demeanor. He resides in Northern Stranglethorn along the road between the Kal’ai Ruins and Lake Nazferiti, where weary travelers heading to the Cape or attempting to escape a Murkgill Warrior will often encounter him. Steven relishes a spirited duel; he also likes to eat live snakes using a knife and fork with his pinkie finger extended. Such exquisite manners! I think I just grossed myself out!

You’re up, Mr. Pug!

Crithto: The word from our scouts is Steven Lisbane might seem like a nice fellow, but he also enjoys doing things that are pretty heinous when no one’s looking. In fact, during a recent trip he took to Stormwind, he kicked me in the shins—so pardon me if I seem overly eager to watch you take him and his team down. You’ll face Moonstalker, a level-9 Beast; Nanners, a level-9 Beast; and Emeralda, a level-9 Magic. We don’t want you to walk all over him, so your team will consist of a level-8 Humanoid, a level-8 Critter, and a level-9 Dragonkin. Like they say, “Roses are red, your team is blue,” and that’s all I got!

While you’re down there, you might want to try hunting down a Razzashi Hatchling. According to my friend Amelia, they’re super cute . . . whatever that means.

D’AWW . . . BEAT IT!!

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