World of Warcraft Arena 2014 Championship Winner

Arena World Championship
November 9th by Kaivax

It's the second and final day of WoW 3v3 Arena action, and we have awarded the $120,000 first place prize to the Grand Champion team.

Beyond this point, MAJOR SPOILERS are to be found. If you'd prefer to watch the entirety of day two from the beginning, you can find it:

Don't forget, we have links to VODs in twelve languages on our Tournaments page.

And here are the results.

In the first semi-final, it was Skill-Capped EU vs. Push Push (Korea)

Result: Skill-Capped EU WINS 3-2

In the other semi-final we had 3 Amigos (North America) vs. Bleached Bones (Europe)

Result: Bleached Bones WINS 3-2

Skill-Capped EU vs. Bleached Bones

Your 2014 World of Warcraft Arena Grand Champions are:


Sergei "Lagyna" Gaponov, Martin "Loony" Moazzez, and Anton "Lazerchicken" Engström

Congratulations to the champions and every player who made it to BlizzCon 2014, and thank you to everyone who watched and supported World of Warcraft Arena play.