Patch 6.2.3 Hotfixes: Nov 30 - Dec 16

December 17th by Rygarius

Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the recently released World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.3. Hotfixes are updates made without requiring a new client-side patch. Some of the hotfixes below take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require scheduled realm restarts to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. This list will be updated as additional hotfixes are applied.

Additional information about the patch could be found below.

Previous Patch 6.2.3 Hotfix Blogs

December 16

Winter Veil

  • Players are now automatically dismounted in the area around Greatfather Winter and Winter Veil presents.


  • Greatly increased the spawn rates of quest objectives for the following Winter Veil quests: What Horrible Presents!, Grumpus, Menacing Grumplings, and Where are the Children?
  • What Horrible Presents!: Spirit Bomb should no longer incorrectly cause players to become flagged for PvP.

December 15


  • Guild Challenge completion credit for guild groups in dungeons and raids are now only awarded when completing current-expansion content.
  • To offset this change, Guild Challenge completion credit no longer requires Dungeon Finder to queue for the dungeon. This means guild groups can now complete Mythic dungeons for Guild Challenge credit. Additionally, the gold awarded for all Guild Challenges has been increased by roughly 50%.
  • A discussion for these changes is available in the forum thread: Guild Challenge System Changes.

December 14



  • Talents
    • Faerie Swarm's movement reduction effect should now be able to be correctly dispelled by abilities that remove magical debuffs.



  • Gear above item level 725 is no longer scaled down within Ashran.

Character Boost

  • Starting armor should now have dual primary stats for characters that utilize a Level 100 Character Boost.

December 9

World Environment

Shadowmoon Valley

  • False-Bottomed Jar should now be lootable by players.

Raids and Dungeons

  • Completing a Call to Arms on Raid Finder for Draenor Raids should now correctly award a Savage Satchel of Cooperation.


  • A number of Tournament Gladiator items should now correctly scale up to item level 740 while in a Wargame.


  • Black Market Auction House should now have a chance to offer items from Warlords Season 3 instead of Season 2.
  • Ironpelt Armor's 4-piece set bonus should now work correctly for Balance Druids.



  • Glyphs
    • Glyph of Ghostly Speed should no longer cause Ghost Wolf to not work correctly while in a Battleground or Arena.

November 30

Shipyard Changes

Naval Missions

  • Rare naval missions should now appear more frequently.
  • Increasing the chance of success on a naval mission will now also decrease the chance a ship will be destroyed on failure. If the mission success chance is at or above 90%, no ships will be lost on the mission.
  • Naval blockade missions now have a shorter duration of 30 minutes (down from 4 hours), reduced Oil cost to 50 (down from 100), and increased the amount of time before a naval blockade returns to 7 days (up from 5 days).

Ships and Crews

  • Increased success chance bonus on missions provided by a Human or Undead Crew by 50%.
  • Increased success chance bonus on missions provided by a Pandaren Crew by 33% and the bonus will now apply to Missions that are 12 hours or longer (was 18 hours or longer).
  • Significantly increased the effectiveness and bonuses provided by Naval Equipment items by 100%.


  • The Alliance Conquest Quartermaster, Holly McTilla should now correctly offer Warmongering Gladiator's Medallion of Adaptation for sale and the Horde Conquest Quartermaster, Malukah Lightsong should now correctly offer Warmongering Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty for sale.