Blizzard’s 25th Anniversary: A Warcraft Poll

February 8th by Kaivax

It’s with a great deal of joy that we celebrate Blizzard’s 25th Anniversary. In February of 1991, our founders came together to make video games, and it wouldn’t be long before they began work on the first new world built entirely by Blizzard Entertainment: Azeroth.

The many stories and varied types of gameplay that have taken place on Azeroth (and later, Draenor) have never stopped coming. The history of Warcraft and the history of Blizzard Entertainment are fully intertwined, with each passing year falling into a unique Warcraft era for players. Those who started in with Warcraft eight years ago, for instance, started during the Burning Crusade. Those who started twelve years ago started during the Reign of Chaos era.

However long you’ve been with us, we hope you accept our heartiest thanks and gratitude for all you’ve done to help us expand the excitement and wonder of these magical worlds. We’re going to continue to explore them with you for a very long time to come.