Toy Box Tuesday: In Full Bloom

May 10th by Nethaera

April showers might bring May flowers but in Azeroth, there are plenty of botanical inspired toys year round to spotlight in this week’s Toy Box Tuesday—a weekly piece in which we feature a few toys that you may want to add to your collection.*

Seeking Perfection

For many a horticulturist, the search for the perfect bloom is a never ending quest, but for you though, we know just where to send you for The Perfect Blossom. In Tanaan Jungle throughFang’rila and within Zorammarsh, you’ll need to make your way through this swampy area of the zone to find this treasure. It won’t be easy to get to it though unless you search the area for some Mysterious Fruit which will give you some protection for the toxic gasses that surround it.


Pick a few fel-tainted petals from the blossom.”

The petals have a special property to them and when fed to your pet, will give them a certain special glow.

Podlings are Strange

While you’re in Tanaan Jungle, you might also want to keep your eye out for a very Strange Green Fruit near Vol’mar. This fruit will become a Ripened Strange Fruit after 14 days that you’ll be able to open to receive some Podling Camouflage.


Disguise yourself as a podling.”

We’re not telling you what to do now that you can disguise yourself as a podling, but maybe getting with your friends together for a dance party could just be the ticket to livening up your day.

Yeah, You Blend

Our third toy this week is going to take a little work and a little luck to get. Botani Camouflage is a rare drop from the Protectors of the Grove Basten, Nultra, and Valstil in Gorgrond. These three are all level 100 and Valstil has the annoying habit of healing damage that’s done to his fellow protectors. You may want to grab a friend if you don’t have interrupts to keep him from healing or if you have the shredder for this zone, it may just come in handy right about now.

Blend with the Botani.

Unlike podling camouflage, you’re not going to be doing much dancing… or moving. You’re trying to blend, remember?

If you’ve just started your toy collection as of our first Toy Box Tuesday, then adding these toys to your collection will put you at 15/50 toward the first Toy Box Collection achievement, Having a Ball.

*What’s the Toy Box?

Players will find the Toy Box within the Collections interface, which can be accessed via your lower nav bar or by the keyboard command Shift-P. To add a toy to your collection, simply right-click it in your inventory. Once added to the collection, you’ll be able to access it at any time within the Toy Box interface. For additional information and tips on getting started on your collection, check out the guide on Wowhead.