Welcome to Stormwind: A Guided Tour

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June 10th by Nethaera

Founded by the descendants of the Arathi —the first nation of the humans—the kingdom of Stormwind can be found nestled in a fertile valley south of the rocky mountains of Khaz Modan. It is in Stormwind city that the Wrynn family has ruled through some of Azeroth’s darkest times and is the seat of human power. It is an Alliance city and as such is unfriendly to Horde visitors.

Welcome to Stormwind


Arriving at the city, you’ll pass through the Stormwind Gates which are flanked by two ballistae just outside of them. The lion, symbol of the Alliance is prominently displayed both in the banners and the stone effigies on the parapets. The gates are open and stand ready and welcoming you to the city.

Note: There are multiple mailboxes throughout the city so it’s easy to get to one at any time. You can get your own mail or send mail to others. You’ll probably also wonder how the mail service gets those big mounts in that little tiny box, but that’s a mystery to be solved another day. Wandering vendors throughout the city are additional vendors such as the baker, Thomas Miller. In some locations you'll also find readable books that give some insights into Azeroth's history. Find and read enough of them throughout the world and you can earn an Achievement “Well Read”.

The Valley of Heroes

Once you step foot through the gates and onto the bridge, you’ll notice that you’ll have entered the Valley of Heroes. Statues loom above on either side for commemorating the great fallen and lost heroes of the Alliance. Clicking on each pedestal’s plate will reveal a bit more about each of these great heroes.

Continuing down the path you’ll find yourself passing under the portcullis and into the city proper. You can open the map (M) to see the full layout of the city.

The Trade District


The Trade District supports many fine businesses and key services you’ll want to become familiar with. You can also get up to the Gryphon Roost through this area. This is where you can take a flight path on one of the city’s gryphons as well as eventually, learn the riding skill starting at level 20 and eventually pick up flight starting at level 60.

Key Locations:

  • Heroes Call Board: From time to time you’ll find quests on this board.
  • The Stormwind Visitor’s Center- Players who want to start a guild or create a tabard for their guild will want to stop in here.
  • Trader’s Hall: This is the auction house where you can buy and sell items with other players.
  • Stormwind Counting House: This is the bank. Within the bank you’ll find your personal bank storage space and guild bank storage space.  Please note that guild banks are only available to those that are a part of a guild and access is determined by the guild leader and officers.
  • The Gilded Rose: This is one of many Inns you can find within the city. You can bind your hearthstone to any inn and use it to return you to this bind point.
  • The Barber Shop: The barber shop will allow you allow you to change some basic appearance options if you want a new look. This includes changing your character’s face, facial hair, hair style, hair color, piercings, horns, tendrils, tattoos, and more. You’ll also earn an achievement Shave and a Haircut if it’s your first time using it. You just sit in the chair by right clicking it then select your options. You’ll need to pay for it with a bit of coin though, so choose wisely.


  • Trias’ Cheese- It’s a cheese shop. They have a variety of … cheese.
  • Pestle’s Apothecary- Reagents & Alchemy Supplies
  • Everyday Merchandise- Trade Supplies, Bags, and General Goods
  • Lionheart Armory- Common(white) Cloth, Leather, and Mail item vendors, and Item Repair
  • Weller’s Arsenal- Common (white) Daggers, Maces, Swords, Staffs, Axes, Crossbows Vendors, and Item Repair
  • The Empty Quiver-Common (white) Bows and Guns Vendors, and Item Repair

The Trade District will lead into three additional areas: The Mage Quarter, Cathedral Square, and Old Town. 

The Canals

You’ll find quite a few shops along either side of the the canals and if you feel like doing a bit of fishing, you can find that too. There are fishing supplies and a fishing trainer near the passage way from the Trade District leading toward the Mage Quarter.

Shops and Trainers:

  • Gallina Winery- Brewed Beverages
  • Canal Tailor and Fit Shop- Common (white) Shirts and Armor Repair (You can preview how items will look on your character by using Ctrl + Left Click before you buy them.)
  • Denman Family Jewelers- Jewelcrafting Supplies and Trainer
  • Fragrant Flowers- Flowers for you or as gifts for others (We suggest talking to Little Adeline too while you’re there for a sweet surprise.)
  • Cordell’s Enchanting>- Enchanting Supplies and Trainer
  • Candy Vendor- Lisa McKeever- Sells sweets and the much lauded Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream
  • The Scribe of Stormwind- Inscription Supplies and Trainer and Ink Trader
  • Bario Matalli and Robby Flay - Cooking Supplies and Trainer
  • Craggle Wobbletop- Toys and Novelties (wandering vendor)

The Stockade

Stormwind Stockade is a closely guarded prison built beneath the canals of Stormwind City. Warden Thelwater keeps watch over the stockade and the highly dangerous criminals who call it home. Recently, the inmates revolted, overthrowing the guards and plunging the prison into a state of pandemonium.

 While you can enter this dungeon at level 15, you won’t be able to use the Dungeon Finder tool (I) until level 20. This is a 5-player dungeon.

The Mage Quarter


Located in the southwest portion of the city, the Mage Quarter houses a variety of mystical services and goods.

Key Locations:

  • The Blue Recluse- This is one of many Inns you can find within the city. You can bind your Hearthstone to any inn and use it to return you to this bind point. You'll also find- Cooking Supplies & Brewed drinks

Shops and Trainers:

  • Ancient Curios- Healing Potion, Belts, Axes, Reagents for Resetting Glyphs
  • Duncan’s Textiles- Common (white) Cloth Armor, Tailoring Supplies and Trainer, and item repair.
  • Alchemy Supplies- Herbalism Supplies and Trainer (right outside), Alchemy Supplies and Trainer
  • Larson Clothiers- Common (white)  Robe Merchant (cloth), Hatter (helms)
  • The Slaughtered Lamb- Brewed beverages, (1st level basement) Warlock and Demon Trainer, Tailoring Trainer, (Sub-Levels) Crypts
  • Pyrotechnics- Fireworks Vendor
  • Essential Components- Reagents for Resetting Glyphs
  • Mage Tower (Central Building)- Mage Trainer, Portal Trainer, Portal to Hellfire Peninsula (Outland) (You’ll need to walk through the glowing blue green portal to get to the upper level)

If you speak to Archmage Nakada where he’s teaching young mages, you can volunteer to help with the lesson for. What could go wrong?

The Park

This once beautiful location is now a scar within the city. Its charred remains are the calling card of the black dragon Deathwing. In time, perhaps it will be restored to its former glory.

Cathedral Square


Key Locations:

  • The Three Winds- Void Storage, Transmogrifier, Item Upgrades
  • Stormwind Orphanage- Every year citizens are asked to take one of Azeroth’s orphans who live here under their wing for the Children's Week holiday.

Shops and Trainers:

  • Just Maces- Common (white) Staffs and Maces Vendor, Item Repair
  • Cathedral of Light- Priest Trainers, Paladin Trainers, First Aid Trainer, Reagents vendor, (basement) Catacombs

A Fountain dedicated to the memory of Uther the Lightbringer, Paladin and defender of Stormwind sits in the center of the square.

Stormwind City Cemetery

The Stormwind cemetery serves as a reminder of the many who have come before and the sacrifices many have made. Most prominent among the tombstones is that of Varian Wrynn’s beloved wife, mother to Prince Anduin, Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn. You can click on the plate that hangs there to read the dedication to Stormwind’s beloved queen.

Some say they visit the cemetery for its beauty, for its peace, and so they can honor the lost.

Dwarven District


(outer area along the canal)

  • The Shady Lady- Brewed Beverages, Wine Glasses
  • Potts’ Plates- Common (white) Mail, Plate Armor, and Shields Vendor, Blacksmith Supplies and Trainer>

(inside the main area)

Key Locations:

  • Hero’s Call Board
  • Auction House
  • Royal Bank of Stormwind
  • The Golden Keg- Inn, Brewed Beverages, Food and Drink, Shaman Trainer


Tram from Stormwind to Ironforge- You can ride this tram for free between Ironforge and Stormwind. Just mind the rats.
Shops and Trainers:

  • Stonehand Mining-  Mining Supplies and Trainer
  • Next door to Stonehand Mining- Borgus Steelhand-  Blacksmithing Trainer, Common (white) Axe Vendor, Item Repair
  • Across the way- Thulman Flintcrag- Common (white) Gun Vendor, Item Repair
  • Near the Fountain- Priest Trainer
  • Wagon- Engineering Supplies and Trainer, Item Repair
  • Center Area- Blacksmithing Supplies and Trainer, Anvil and Forge, Stable Master, Hunter Trainer, Pet Trainer

Behind the Dwarven District you’ll also find, Olivia’s Pond with a Druid Trainer in a nearby house and Wollerton Stead further back (they have cows.)

North east on the Islands behind the Dwarven District you can find the following:

  • Pandaren encampment- Riding Trainers, Turtle Mount Vendor, Monk Trainer, Tushui Quartermaster
  • Eastern Earthshrine- (NE of Dwarven District)- Cataclysm Zone Portals, Portal to Tol Barad

East of the Dwarven District in the grassy area where you can also find the Pet Battle Trainer.

Stormwind Keep

This is the seat of the royal family. A towering fountain with a statue of King Varian Wrynn stands sentinel as you enter the grounds.

  • Throne Room- King Varian Wrynn and Worgen Leader Genn Greymane
  • Map Room- Portal to Ashran, Experience Eliminator (for those who want to freeze their leveling at a certain point), Battleground Battlemasters
  • Gardens- Portal to Mount Hyjal, Rygarius and his Coffee
  • Library- Archeology Trainer

Old Town


Key Locations:

  • Pig and Whistle – Inn, Brewed Beverages, Food and Drink, Cooking Recipes
  • Training Dummy Area- This includes low-level training dummies and high-level Raiding Training Dummies.
  • Si-7 – Rogue Trainers, Si-7 Leader (This is the Stormwind’s secret service)
  • Command Center- Riding Trainer, Mount Vendor, Stable Master, Pet Trainer, Hunter Trainers, Justice Vendors, Warrior Trainers

Shops and Trainers:

  • Heavy Handed Weapons- Common (white) Two-Handed maces, axes and swords vendor, Item Repair
  • Honest Blades – Common (white) Dagger and Sword Vendor, Item Repair
  • Limited Immunity- Common (white) Mail, Plate, and Shield Vendor
  • Champion’s Hall- PvP Mounts and Gear
  • The Protective Hide- Leatherworking Supplies and Trainer, Common (white) Leather Armor Vendor, Bag Vendor, Skinning Trainer
  • Thanes Boots- Common (white) Boot Vendor, Item Repair
  • The Silver Shield- Common (white) Shield vendor and Item Repair


Stormwind Harbor

Shops and Trainers:

  • Priest and Druid Trainer
  • The Assurance- (Stationary Ship) food and drink vendors, item repairs, Profession Supply Vendor

Darkspear Troll Emissary



  • The Bravery- Ship to Rut’therine village and the home of the Night Elves in Teldrassil
  • Kraken- Ship to Northrend and Valiance Keep in Borean Tundra

If you get lost finding your way around the city, you can also ask the guards by right-clicking on them. They’ll put a marker on your map to help guide you to the location you need.

This is only one of the many cities you will find in Azeroth. To read more about cities and learn a little about each, head over to Wowhead’s City Overview. Read more about Stormwind’s history on Wowpedia.