Welcome to Orgrimmar: A Guided Tour

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June 10th by Nethaera

Welcome to Orgrimmar


Orgrimmar is a city in direct contrast to that of Stormwind. There are no soft edges and instead you’re greeted with a veritable fortress with lots of … spikes — many many spikes. You’ll enter through the city via the Dranosh’ar Blockade.

Note: There are multiple mailboxes throughout the city so it’s easy to get to one at any time. You can get your own mail or send mail to others. The mail service has mysterious means of transporting some of the most interesting and bizarre items across vast distances.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the city is built in layers. It can be confusing at first but with some time, you’ll get used to the ebb and flow of the city.

Valley of Strength


In the center of the Valley of Strength is the Warchief’s seat of power, Grommash Hold. Once the seat of power for the powerful orc shaman Thrall, it was passed to Garrosh Hellscream, and after a series of unfortunate events, on to the troll leader Vol’jin who currently holds the reins.

Inside- Portal to Ashran, Vol’jin-Warchief of the Horde, Archeology Trainer, Priest Trainer, Paladin Trainer

Outside you’ll find the Warchief’s Command Board which will periodically have new quests for you, various vendors such as the Fruit Vendor, Brew of the Month Club, Meat Vendor, Reagent Vendor, Weapon Vendor and Item Repair, Guild Tabard Vendor, Guild Vendor, and Guild Master.

Key Locations:

  • Bank of Orgrimmar- Personal and Guild Vault
  • The Auction House
  • Elevators to the upper levels- Fondly referred to as the “elevator boss” by veterans of Azeroth, elevators are notorious for killing hapless travelers. So, do watch your step.
  • Passage to the Cleft of Shadow
  • The Broken Tusk- Inn, Brewed Drinks, Food and Drink, Gamon-Hero of Orgrimmar

Shops and Trainers:

  • Orgrimmar General Store- Trade Supplies and General Goods
  • Naros’ Armory- Plate and Mail Vendors, Mining Supplies and Trainers

Second Level

  • Hall of Legends- PvP Mounts and Item Vendors, Item Repairs

Top Level- You’ll need to ride the elevator all the way to the top to get here (unless you have flying).

Key Locations:

  • Windrider (near the elevator) – Flight paths (for a small fee) to various locations throughout Kalimdor
  • Flying Trainer
  • Battle Pet Trainer

Zeppelin Towers- This free type of transport can get you to various locations in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Northrend. It runs on goblin technology, so what could possibly go wrong? Zeppelin arrivals will be shouted to the city by the NPCs who watch over them.


Tower One

  • The Thundercaller- Journeys to Tirisfal Glades in Eastern Kingdoms
  • The Iron Eagle- Journeys to Stranglethorn Vale in Eastern Kingdoms

Tower Two

  • The Zephyr- Journeys to Thunder Bluff in Kalimdor
  • They Mighty Wind- Journeys to Borean Tundra in Northrend

Shops and Trainers:

Some vendors will sell items only if you have a high enough reputation with them. To check yours simply push (U) or open your character pane (C) and select the "Reputation" tab. Each vendor in this area has a Tabard that can be worn in dungeons that will increase the reputation you gain with that faction while in it. They each also have a 16 slot bag they sell and cloaks with stats on them.

  • Bilgewater Cartel Quartermaster
  • Orgrimmar Quartermaster
  • Darkspear Quartermaster 

Goblin Slums

Nestled between the Valley of Strength and The Valley of Spirits are the Goblin Slums comprised of a series of camps hurriedly constructed to house the goblins who took up a more permanent residence within the city at the time of the Cataclysm.

  • Services- Innkeeper, Bank, Guild Vault, Battle Pet Trainer, Riding Trainer
  • Vendors- Goblin Mount, General Goods, Brewed Beverages, Trade Supplies
  • Profession Trainers and Supplies- Tailoring, Cooking, First Aid, Blacksmithing, Mining, Engineering
  • Class Trainers- Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Hunter (plus Stable Master), Shaman, Warrior

Valley of Spirits


This area is comprised of roughly constructed towers that serve the troll population of Orgrimmar. There are few signs outside the buildings, but after a bit of exploration you'll find your way around easily.

  • Troll camp- Warrior Trainer
  • First building- Priest and Warlock Trainer, Inscription Supplies and Trainer, Portal to Hellfire Peninsula, Mage Trainer, Portal Trainer
  • Second Building on the left- Cooking Supplies and Trainer, Food and Drink
  • Center Building- Stable Master, Innkeeper, Trade Supplies, General Goods, Banker, Auctioneer
  • Building with Beaded Curtains- Herbalism Trainer, Reagents Vendor
  • Along the Path- Rogue Trainer

Continuing along the path to the south east you'll reach one of a few exits out of the city. A bridge takes you over the Southfury River into to the Northern Barrens.

Along the road between the Valley of Spirits and the Valley of Wisdom is the Barber Shop.

Valley of Wisdom


The Tauren have taken up residency within a central area of Orgrimmar near the Drag. Their encampment is split into multiple areas.

Upper Tauren Encampment

Key Locations:

  •  Auctioneer
  • Inn- Innkeeper, Tailoring Trainer
  • Banker
  • Portal to Mount Hyjal
  • Stable Master

Shops and Trainers:

  • Common (White) Bow and Rifle Vendor
  • Blacksmithing Vendor
  • Skinning Trainer
  • Shaman Trainer
  • General Goods and Trade Supplies- Trade Supply Vendor, General Goods Vendor

Lower Tauren Encampment

  • Class Trainers: Druid, Hunter, Priest, Paladin, Shaman, and Warrior 
  • Elevator to Upper Levels

Upper Level

  • Western Earthshrine- Here you’ll find portals to Cataclysm zones and the portal to the PvP zone, Tol Barad

Speak to Lord Itharius and he’ll show you the aftermath of Deathwing’s destruction at the Maelstrom.

The Drag


The drag loops its way through the heart of the city and has multiple levels.  It’s easy to get lost among them at first but with time spent in the city, it will become easier to pick out some of the more prominent landmarks.

Shops and Trainers:

  • Godan’s Runeworks- Enchanting Supplies and Trainer
  • Yelmak’s Alchemy and Potions- Alchemy Supplies and Trainer
  • Building Next door- General Goods and Reagents
  • Blax Bottlerocket – Toys and Novelties (Wandering Vendor)
  • Kodohide Leatherworkers- Common (White) Cloth and Leather Armor, Leatherworking Supplies and Trainer, Skinning Trainer, Item Repair
  • Nogg’s Machine Shop- Engineering Supplies and Trainers
  • Orgrimmar Orphanage- Every year citizens are asked to take one of Azeroth’s orphans who live here under their wing for the Children's Week holiday.
  • Magar’s Cloth Goods- Common (White) Cloth Armor Vendor, Tailoring Supplies and Trainers
  • Gotri’s Traveling Gear- Bag Vendor

Just before you leave the Drag (or just as you enter it from The Valley of Strength) you’ll find a building that stands out a bit from the rest. It’s where you’ll find the Ethereals who are providing Transmogrification, Item Upgrade, and Void Storage services (for a fee of course).

There’s a small stair that leads up a level to the following shops and services:

  •  Borstan’s Firepit- Cooking Supplies and Trainer, Meat Vendor, Daily Cooking Quests from Marogg.
  • The Mighty Pen- Inscription Supplies and Trainer, Ink Trader
  • The Arboretum- Herbalism Supplies and Trainer

The end of this path will lead you to the Elevator up to where the Cataclysm portals are, or you can follow the path back down to the bottom level.

Cleft of Shadow


In the belly of the city is a subterranean area known as the Cleft of Shadow. It has a two levels within its dark interior. 

Bottom level

Shops and Trainers:

  • Darkfire Enclave- Warlock and Demon Trainers
  • Shadowdeep Reagents- Reagents (Glyph Reset), and Potion Recipes
  • Ironwood Staves and Wands- Common (White) Staffs and Wands
  • Arcane Enclave- Mage Trainers, Portal Trainer
  • Dark Earth- Mushroom Vendor

Upper Level
Key Locations:

  • Portal to Hellfire Peninsula (Outland)

Shops and Trainers:

  • Rekkul’s Poisons- Common (White) Dagger
  • Shadowswift Brotherhood- Rogue Trainers
  • The Slow Blade- Common (White) Daggers and Swords, Item Repair

Ragefire Cavern

Ragefire Chasm extends deep below the city of Orgrimmar. Barbaric troggs and devious Searing Blade cultists once plagued the volcanic caves, but now ta new threat has emerged: dark shaman. Although Warchief Garrosh Hellscream recently called on a number of shaman to use the elements as weapons against the Alliance, the chasm’s current inhabitants appear to be renegades, Reports have surfaced that these shadowy figures are amassing a blistering army that could wreak havoc if unleased upon Orgrimmar.

This dungeon can be found in the lower level of the Cleft of Shadow. While you can enter it at level 10, you won’t be able to use the Dungeon Finder tool (I) until level 15. This is a 5-player dungeon.

Valley of Honor


Key Locations:

  • Warchief’s Command Board
    Orgrimmar Counting House- Bank and Guild Vault
    The Wyvern’s Tail- Inn, Food and Drink
    Trader’s Hall- Auction House

Shops and Trainers:

  • Kiro- War Harness Maker- White (Common) Leather Chest Armor
  • Hall of the Brave-  Raider’s Training Dummies, Warrior Trainer, Training Dummies (upper level), Battlemasters (queuing for PvP), Slahtz- Experience Eliminator (For those who want to stop leveling at a certain point. Return and speak with Slahtz to turn it back on.)
  • Pandaren Camp- Huojin Quartermaster, Monk Trainer, Dragon Turtle Mount Vendor, Riding Trainer
  • Lumak’s Fishing- Fishing Daily Quest Giver, Fishing Supplies and Trainer
  • Red Canyon Mining & Jewelcrafting- Mining Supplies and Trainer, Jewelcrafting Supplies and Trainer
  • The Burning Anvil- Blackmithing Supplies and Trainers, Item Repair, Common (White) Mail and Plate Armor and Shields, Anvil

Outside Area

  • Zendo’jian- Weapon Vendor- Common (White) Axes, Staffs, and Bows, Item Repair
  • Kelgruk Bloodaxe & Shayis Steelfury- Blacksmithing Trainer, Forge
  • Galthuk- Two-Handed Weapons Merchant – Swords, Axes, Maces, Item Repair
  • Koru- Mace and Staves Vendor- Common (White) Maces and Staffs, Item Repair
  • Shoma- Weapon Vendor- Common (White) Swords and Fist Weapons

Upper Levels
Key Locations:

  • Brawl’gar Arena- Brawler’s Guild- You’ll need a ticket to take part at maximum level.

Shops and Trainers:

  • Hunter’s Hall- Stable Master, Pet Trainer, Riding Trainer, Hunter Trainers, Training Dummies

Continuing up the path to the north east, You’ll pass some siege weaponry and preparations along the way until you reach the culmination of the path which takes you through Orgrimmar’s rear gate and into  Azshara.

If you get lost finding your way around the city, you can also ask the guards by right-clicking on them. They’ll put a marker on your map to help guide you to the location you need.

This is only one of the many cities you will find in Azeroth. To read more about cities and learn a little about each, head over to Wowhead’s City Overview. Read more about Orgrimmar’s history on Wowpedia.