Finish the Challenge


World of Warcraft: Legion is on the horizon, but before you move on from Draenor, here’s a reminder that you may have some unfinished business to attend to – before it’s too late. Challenge Mode dungeons will no longer be available with the Legion pre-expansion patch, which like previous expansions, will arrive a few weeks before Legion’s release.

Draenor Challenge Modes Ending

If you’re looking to make one last push for your Challenge Mode rewards– now is the time. You’ll have until the release of the pre-expansion patch to earn some very desirable rewards, including:

If you haven’t yet crossed the finish line with Challenge Modes, don’t hold back! For a nudge in the right direction if you’re having problems with any particular Draenor dungeon, check out Wowhead’s zone overviews and strategy guides.

Fight to the finish!