Being Illidari: The Way Out Is the Way Through

August 13th by Blizzard Entertainment

Join us as we journey alongside one fledgling Demon Hunter making their way through Mardum—and learning what it means to be a member of Illidan’s army. (Spoilers Inside)

The Shattered Abyss

Like a great yawning maw, Mardum stands before me. The fel flows freely here, and I’m both drawn and repelled by it. I’m not alone in taking my first steps into this desolate land. There are others of my kind—those who have embraced Lord Illidan’s teachings—who say that to defeat the Burning Legion, we must sacrifice . . . everything.

Eons ago, Sargeras created Mardum to imprison demons. He also created the Sargerite Keystone to lock them away.

But when the Titan decided to burn all of creation, he shattered Mardum, sending its fragments hurtling throughout the Twisting Nether. Thus was born the Burning Legion.

Sargeras safeguarded his keystone on this particular fragment. It’s a skeleton key of sorts, allowing access to any Legion world. It’s also the key to Lord Illidan’s plan for the Legion’s destruction.

Our task is twofold: we must destroy the demons in their own stronghold and find the Sargerite Keystone.

The Path Through Mardum

As I make my way through this fel-scarred landscape, I cut through the demons as if that was what I was born to do. I try to pace myself so I don’t overextend and become gravely injured, but I’m not sure it’s necessary. Consuming demon souls sustains me, making me stronger and able to destroy more of their ilk. As Lord Illidan has told us, we are using their own power and strength against them.

Using the Legion’s own Gateways, we summon forth the forces of the Ashtongue, the naga, and the Shivarra. Each gateway requires a sacrifice—a price that must be paid to wage this war.

The first through the gates, Battlelord Gaardoun has brought a gift from Illidan—a felsaber, a powerful beast that can withstand this hostile environment. It will serve me well as I ride into battle.

There’s so much fel energy here, and the corruption runs deep.

A Slight Setback

Some of our Illidari have ended up as prisoners of the Legion. I know that to continue our assault, we must have every able fighter we can. I work quickly to acquire the keys from their demonic jailors and free them all, and they join the fight once more.

Further down the Molten Shore, Jace Darkweaver asks me to spy on the Legion leadership. Doom Commander Beliash and Brood Queen Tyranna are conspiring to halt our progress into the volcano where the keystone is kept.

A Great Need

Lady S’theno of the Coilskar sends word that the situation has become dire at the Black Temple. It is imperative that we find the Sargerite Keystone soon if we’re to return in time to lend our aid.

Run, Demon Hunter, Run!

At the foothold we discuss the need to attack the spider fortress ahead where the Brood Queen Tyranna has holed up.

The bombardment by the Legion’s devastators is putting too much pressure on Jace’s wards. It’s time to put them out of action.

Our teams are quick to respond after each banner placement, and the devastators are shattered by the force of the destructive force used against them. I make the mistake of staying too near the first one, but I’ve learned my lesson and keep my distance from the next.

From time to time, I come across some of our own suffering at the hands of the Fiendish Creepers. They’re everywhere. It takes only moments, but I’m able to rally my fellow Illidari and send them back into this seemingly never-ending fight.

Reading Is Fel-damental

There is an Imp Mother within the Foul Creche that I’m told holds a tome of fel secrets. With it in our possession, we can gain even more power to use against the demonic horde. She’s not one to look at, but none of these demons are. Wresting the book from her will take a little work.

Brood Queen Tyranna isn’t happy I’ve stolen the Legion’s secrets. Her cries belie her desperation as our forces continue to press toward the keystone’s resting place. 

Reading the tome while in the Illidari Foothold, I learn more of the power that lays before me and all of the Illidari who walk this path—or should I say these “paths.” There are two before me: one leads to Havoc, a path I’ve been on since I started this journey through Mardum. Should I decide continue this way, I will learn the secrets of Metamorphosis and how to master my Demonic Presence. The other path is that of Vengeance, where I can also learn Metamophosis, as well as how to unlock the powers of Fel Blood. My Eye Beam powers would also change to something with more spikes . . . lots more Demon Spikes.

I embrace the way of Havoc knowing I can always learn the ways of Vengeance later. Not everyone can contain the fel, so sharing knowledge of our ways with others is always bittersweet.

Spreading My Wings

I’m ready to spread my wings—or at least those of a nearby felbat—and take the fight to the Brood Queen Tyranna. 

Brood Queen Tyranna has a few tricks up her sleeve, but so do the illidari. I pull out all the stops, embracing the new powers I’ve stolen from the demons I’ve met along the way to this accursed place. Once she’s dead, the Sargerite Keystone is ours.

With the keystone in our possession, we’re able to open a portal back to the Black Temple, but things take a tragic and decidedly calamitous turn. . . .

Years Gone By

Things haven’t gone how we had hoped—we have been captured by the warden Maiev Shadowsong, she has kept us within her prison for years. But now, in Azeroth’s most desperate hour, she has woken us to ask for our help in the fight against the Burning Legion once more.

With Altruis and Kayn free from their prisons, we get to work fighting our way through the layers of the Vault and freeing others of the Ilidari. It’s one thing to fight beside my fellows, but to fight beside the Wardens after our long incarceration is surprising . . . to say the least.

Tomb of the Penitent

Gul’dan has found his way into the vault where the Wardens have been keeping Illidan’s body. Having the Legion in possession of Illidan—even in death—does not bode well for us.

Maiev opens the tomb, and much to our surprise, Gul’dan is with Betrayer Cordana Felsong. As they make their escape, we face two of their minions. Maiev’s final words to us are that we must survive, make our escape, and seek out the Archmage Khadgar.

Once Gul’dan’s creatures are defeated, we make our way up to the elevator and encounter more Illidari fighting the demons within. Kayn and Altruis have gone ahead of me, but Illidari Jace Darkweaver has a felbat on hand that can take me the rest of the way.

Outbreak in the Demon Ward

We weren’t the only prisoners here. There are others who will prove to be a real danger to us if we don’t make our move to contain them. We make our way through the Vault of Ice, Vault of Law, and Vault of Mirrors, ensnaring these creatures once more within the confines of the Vault. To get out of this place, we must make our way up to the Hall of Judgement.

The Choice

Altruis and Kayn are at odds with each other, and I have a choice to make. The Pool of Judgement may clear my mind—and so I gaze into its depths hoping for an answer. 

With my decision made, it’s time to face Bastillax, claim his power, and be free of the prison once and for all.

We find Bastillax in the center of the Chamber of Night, surrounded by a legion of demons—and so we do what Demon Hunters do, and cut our way to him.

He tries to crush us amidst shadows, but we persevere, carving bits and pieces from him and those he calls to his aid. In the end, it’s his power I consume. All that is left is to flee at long last.

Out in the open air, Archmage Khadgar waits for us. It seems he’s been aware of our coming, and asks for our help to save Azeroth. Of course we will. This is what we’ve sacrificed for. This is our purpose . . . this is my purpose.

Azeroth—and freedom—await me as we head to Stormwind. The journey toward fulfilling my purpose has finally begun, and the Burning Legion awaits. I hope they are prepared.