Unleashed Monstrosities: A Look at World Bosses

September 28th by Blizzard Entertainment

Each week on the Broken Isles, one of 11 monstrous world bosses will appear with the weekly reset to terrorize the land. These bosses will show as a World Quest for those who have reached level 110 and unlocked them, but the encounter can be undertaken by anyone adventuring across the Broken Isles. It’s going to take a little teamwork, though, so you’ll want to check out the Group Finder (I) to round up like-minded adventurers. Head to the Premade Groups option, then click Questing —you can either search for an exsiting group, or start your own to take on the boss.

You can learn more details about each of these bosses within the Adventure Guide (Shift-J), which provides a complete breakdown of the loot rewards, abilities, and basic strategies for tanks, healers, and damage dealers. Killing 8 out of these 11 these creatures will ultimately reward the achievement Unleashed Monstrosities—though the real reward is in helping to make the Broken Isles a safer place. (That, and getting great loot!)


Location: Felsoul Hold – Suramar
This foul imp mother rests deep within Felsoul Hold, immersed in a pool of pure fel energy. Her children swarm around her, as she soaks in the fetid air and corrupts anything that comes within her grasp.


Location: Temple of a Thousand Lights – Azsuna
A being of immense magical power, Calamir was called forth by the ancient exemplars in their howling rage. Imbused with the powers of fire, frost, and the arcane, Calamir eradicates those who dare to stand in his way.

Drugon the Frostblood

Location: Snowblind Cliffs – Highmountain
Drugon the Frostblood has terrorized the tribes of Highmountain from atop its frozen peaks for ages. Now, seeing opportunity in the chaos, this powerful ettin descends from his perch to claim the region for himself.


Location: Shipwreck Cove – Highmountain
Flotsam emerged from the ocean depths to sate his hunger. The first to cross his path were the swamp murlocs of Shipwreck Cove, which Flotsam devoured by the dozens. Despite consuming most of their tribe, these creatures worshipped the giant as a god, and continued feeding him family and friends until the beast passed out. When he awakens, Flotsam will expand his menu to include everyone within the region.


Location: Gloaming Reef – Val’sharah
Humongris has always had the dream of wielding magic. After finding he had no aptitude in the arcane arts, Humongris instead settled for wielding a wizard. Humongris sought out and captured the mage Padawsen and now wields him as a wand, using threats of violence and a tightening grip to hurl magic around the battlefield.


Location: Lithduin Reef – Azsuna
Her abyssal slumber disturbed, Levantus surfaced to find the isles teeming with strange demons. The fel magic seeping into the surrounding waters have left her in an extremely ornery mood.

Na’zak the Fiend

Location: Falanaar Tunnels – Suramar
The alpha of the Fal’dorei, this terrifying monstrosity lurks deep within the Falanaar Tunnels. As he churns through the rubble, he uncovers ley-infused stones and feeds upon their arcane energy to sustain himself, biding his time for more worthy prey.


Location: Nastrondir – Stormheim
The great dragon Nithogg was once of the Thorignir, having left the brood shortly after they swore fealty to the titan keepers. Nithogg believed that one day he would be more powerful than even the keepers, and refused to be their subject. Instead, he took up roost in the mountain Nastrondir, where he raises his brood and terrorizes the nearby lands whenever the mood strikes him.


Location: Tangled Cleft – Val’sharah
This guardian of the glades has been beset by the Nightmare’s corruption. Where once he breathed life into the woods, he now leaves a trail of decay and destruction in his wake.

The Soultakers

Location: Tomb of the Old Kings – Stormheim
Sent by Helya to raid the crypts of noble vrykul kings, this trio of raiders and their crew has found their way into the Tomb of the Old Kings and seek to claim the souls that rest there.

Withered J’im

Location: Isle of the Watchers – Azsuna
Cast out from the sanctuary of Suramar, this nightfallen wandered the coastline as his body deteriorated, and his sanity along with it. Just as he was about to lose the last vestiges of personhood, he sensed a radiating energy from a nearby cave. Within, he found a shard of power originating from the Nightwell itself. It sustains and empowers him, but also warps the flow of time and space nearby. It has broken his mind completely. Now, no one enters the cave of Withered J’im. Even fools know better.