The Headless Horseman Returns for Hallow’s End!

Hallow's End
October 18th by Blizzard Entertainment

Hallow’s End celebrates the break of the Forsaken from the Scourge.

Fun and mischief reign as the Innkeepers of Azeroth give treats, and tricks, to whomever asks.

The spookiest time of year has arrived once more, and the Headless Horseman rides forth to strike terror into the hearts and minds of Azeroth’s citizens.

When: October 18–November 1
Where: Trick-or-Treat throughout the inns of Azeroth, Northrend, Pandaria, Outland, Draenor, and the Broken Isles (Dalaran) for tasty treats and currency to buy Hallow’s End delights.

Gather your bucket brigade—the Headless Horseman is back to wreak havoc once more in Razor Hill and Goldshire!

Step into the Scarlet Monastery’s Graveyard, if you dare, to face the Headless Horseman in his lair. If you're lucky and succeed, you may ride off with his steed.

Throughout Hallow’s End, characters who have reached level 110 will be able to queue up for this ghoulish encounter in the Dungeon Finder.

This year you’ll be able to exchange your Tricky Treats for some newly added items, including::

A new quest is available in Val’sharah and begins with the Hag of the Crooked Tree at Bradensbrook. Follow the tale through to its culmination and you’ll receive some Tricky Treats and a chance of receiving one of four bewitching hats.

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