Patch 7.2 Preview: A Challenging Appearance!


Artifact Weapons have been proven to be powerful tools against the Burning Legion. With the release of patch 7.2, we are not only adding an Artifact questline to unlock new traits, but we’re also adding a new Artifact challenge appearance. But, you’re going to have to earn it — the hard way.

‘You Must Be This Tall’

To be able to take on the challenge before you and earn your new Artifact appearance, you’re going to need to meet a few requirements first. You must be level 110, purchase all 35 of the ranks for your Artifact weapon, and complete the questline to unlock access to the four new traits available with patch 7.2.

A Towering Achievement

Returning to the Broken Shore has a lot to offer including new structures that open additional benefits for those adventuring through the island. For those who plan to earn their Challenge Appearance the Mage Tower is going to be an important building to invest your Legionfall War Supplies in. When the tower is active and you’ve met all of the requirements, a new quest will become available to you. This quest is a continuation of your Class Order campaign and will ask you to take care of a little unfinished business via a solo encounter. You’ll need to face a powerful foe to earn your new appearance — but it’s not going to be easy.

This encounter will provide players with the opportunity to show their mastery of their class with a solo skill challenge. There are 7 different challenges available which are tailored to your class role. Each role’s challenge will vary slightly whether it’s healing a group of support npcs, tanking and keeping your group npcs from being killed, or straight dps to kill the boss. There’s no gear requirement, but you’re going to want to invest in getting the best gear you possibly can if you’re going to walk out of the encounter with a brand-new look for your weapon.

The Cost of Success

The first time you get the quest, you’ll be able to enter the encounter for free. If you fail—and there’s a good chance you will—the next (and the next) time is going to cost. If you’ve been active within the Broken Shore, you’ll have started to accumulate Nethershards. You can use these Nethershards to purchase additional chances at the encounter. The Mage Tower is active for three days before it’s destroyed, so time is limited. If you’re determined to give it a good run each time the tower is available, you might want to spend some time under the shadow of the Sentinax to gather as many Nethershards as you can. Success with earning your Artifact weapon’s Challenge Appearance is going to cost — but bragging rights will be yours when you do succeed.

Get the Look

These appearances have been inspired by previous class questlines that led to weapons like Anathema/Benediction, and Rhok’delar. No grouping is required—or allowed—and completing the challenge will reward a truly distinctive appearance.

Click to view each example.

Good luck out there! You’re going to need it.