Cup #4 Recap: Big Winners, Hard-Hitters, and Sharp Exits


The North America Cup #4 was filled to bursting with new names, old favorites, upsets, and changes. Established teams with great track records were knocked out before the final 8, and new blood entered the fray and proved they’re more than worthy of playing amongst the best teams in North America. Method: Reborn, Panda Global, Method: Synergy, and Jungle Book were all missing from the final 8 is this nail-biting tournament – and more tension followed.


Final Results

Variety is the Splyce of Life

Splyce, extremely strong contenders in Cup #2, fell behind in Cup #3 and made a significant change coming into Cup #4, replacing Mage Volkazar for the Death Knight Vellido. Splyce are well known for running unusual compositions and taking their opponents by surprise, and this new roster was no different. The changes and off-beat formation clearly worked, they beat Method: Reborn and MammothPower, both by 3-0, to reach the upper-bracket semi-finals and face Union in the final.

Union Power-Up

Union has consistently been a force to be reckoned with. Before entering Cup #4, they were the third highest point-scoring team in North American, just behind Method: Reborn. Their roster consisted of Mageiden, Prevy, Sethcurry, and Brain, which means they were flexibly equipped with two tried-and-tested line-ups: Frost Mage and Holy Paladin alongside either a Balance Druid or a Windwalker Monk. Going into the semi-finals, they had a steady back-and-forth against Splyce’s Windwalker Monk / Destro Warlock / Resto Shaman team. Union ultimately came out on top by bringing out their Windwalker Monk and taking the series 3-2.

BabyRage Against The Machine

This dramatic round saw Splyce drop down into the lower bracket, where they faced BabyRage. BabyRage are a melee heavy team, but in this battle, were no match for Splyce’s Demon Hunter, Windwalker Monk and Resto Shaman team. BabyRage fell to Splyce 0-3, meaning Splyce were facing a rematch against Union in the finals.

Splyce World

In the final, Splyce were playing from the lower bracket, whereas Union were undefeated – so Splyce needed to beat Union in two best-of-five series. Union broke out the Frost Mage / Balance Druid / Holy Paladin once more, but Splyce were more than prepared. Splyce were able to survive and bring each game to the very final moment, eventually wearing down their mighty opponents.

Can Union Pull It Together?

So why didn’t Union bring in their Windwalker Monk? It was obvious that Union were struggling, with Mageiden swapping out to Demo Lock and Subtlety Rogue – but it was no match for Thugonomicz’ Destro Warlock, Chunli’s Windwalker Monk, and Novoz’ Holy Priest. Union found themselves with their backs against the wall and made a desperate last-ditch change, with Brain and Mageidan swapping roles as an Arms Warrior and Holy Priest. However, Splyce won the day – convincingly – which left many wondering what had happened to Sethcurry and what next for Union? They have proven to be the best time and time again, but they’re going to need to work out the wrinkles in their team before hitting Cup #5 and beyond.

Cup #5 Action This Saturday!

Which seems like a good time to tell you the North America Cup #5 is hot on the heels of #4, going live this Saturday, August 5th at 11:00am PDT. Every team is assessing where they are, how their opponents are shaping up, and solidifying their strategies. This tournament is coming down to the wire and every point counts. Tune in this Saturday to see the best arena players in North American put everything on the line for a place in the finals. Don’t miss out!