Arena World Championship at BlizzCon: Meet the Teams

October 25th by Blizzard Entertainment

Here are all the regional winning teams that made it to the world final at BlizzCon 2017.

Team Alias First Name Second Name Country Role
Blank Esports Rook Jonathan Brett Australia DPS
Blank Esports Primez Nathan Saccuzzo Australia DPS
Blank Esports Streaming Joel Barker Australia DPS
Blank Esports Yunex Kane Dennis Australia Healer
Blank Esports
Team Alias First Name Second Name Role
Pen and Paper Dou Zhao Gangyu Healer
Pen and Paper Danisinner Cui Jinbo DPS
Pen and Paper Sagiy Fu Dongjian DPS
Pen and Paper Ppcat Yan Pan DPS
Imagine pvp Darkarchonyo Bai Jusi DPS
Imagine pvp Zeyond Peng Jingchen DPS
Imagine pvp Jiexpvp Li Yingjie Healer
Imagine pvp Alastorlol Jiang Zhen DPS
Pen and Paper
Imagine pvp
Place Team Alias First Name Second Name Country Role
1st Method: Triforce Swapxy Rene Pinkera Germany DPS
1st Method: Triforce Blizo Maros Molcan Slovakia DPS
1st Method: Triforce Boetar Simon Heinks Germany Healer
1st Method: Triforce Fabss Fabio Nardelli Italy DPS
2nd ABC Alec Alex Sheldrick UK DPS
2nd ABC Asgarath Kristoffer Wilhelmsen Norway Healer
2nd ABC Niksi Niki Hietala Finland DPS
2nd ABC Cara Maxime Montesquieu France DPS
3rd Rockets: Eclipse Cervantes Moumen Altaghibli Syria DPS
3rd Rockets: Eclipse Lyanne Julien Aurengo-Becque France Healer
3rd Rockets: Eclipse Jaime James McKeever UK DPS
3rd Rockets: Eclipse Nerdrage Amaury Seiter France DPS
4th Grmbl Jimjim Jimmy Favre France Healer
4th Grmbl Voltariux Eric Gadchaux France DPS
4th Grmbl Volkovitch Kevin Kemel France DPS
4th Grmbl Aritros Nils Laumann Germany DPS
Method: Triforce
Rockets: Eclipse
Team Alias First Name Second Name Role Nationality
Unitas Black Rynd Bernardo Moura Healer Brazilian
Unitas Black Shapis Henrique Silva DPS Brazilian
Unitas Black Hozitojones Francisco Toriello DPS Guatemalan
Unitas Black Aiden Rodrigo Martinez DPS Mexican
Unitas Black
Place Team Alias First Name Second Name Role Country
1st Method: Synergy Mes Richard Simpson DPS New Zealand
1st Method: Synergy Maldiva Mike Montaperto DPS USA
1st Method: Synergy Kolo Christopher Moniz Healer USA
1st Method: Synergy Trill Ryan Costello DPS USA
2nd Panda Global Rubcub Andrew Woods Healer USA
2nd Panda Global Rositajones Joey Stonehill DPS USA
2nd Panda Global Wallabare Matthew McFarlane DPS Canada
2nd Panda Global Jellybeans Vincent Tran DPS USA
3rd Splyce Novoz Kyle McKitrick Healer USA
3rd Splyce Thugonomicz Michael Negley DPS USA
3rd Splyce Chunli Xavier Rowell DPS USA
3rd Splyce Vellido Brandon Jennings DPS USA
4th Sneaky Snakes Ssds Logan Wilson DPS USA
4th Sneaky Snakes Aveng Eric Smith DPS Canada
4th Sneaky Snakes Syfoxy Kyle Nuesca DPS USA
4th Sneaky Snakes Amne Tyler Bastien DPS Canada
Method: Synergy
Panda Global
Sneaky Snakes

Your Hosts for the Finals

When and Where to Watch

You can watch all the matches on all the days on Twitch, with Days 2 and 3 on the WoW esports stage live at BlizzCon, and broadcast on the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.

  • Day 1: Monday October 30th, at 11:00am PDT
  • Day 2: Friday November 3rd, at 12:00pm PDT
  • Day 3: Saturday November 4th, at 10:30am PDT

What You Should Know

  • 12 teams are competing, up from 8 last year.
  • Latin America and Australia are represented at the world championship for the very first time.
  • There will be 4 North America teams and 4 European teams; and each region contains favorites.
  • Increased prize pool of $280,000

What’s Next?

Keep your eye on the esports website for the latest Gladiator’s Summit episodes, updates and announcements, and exciting plans we’re cooking up for next year. See you on the stream!