Poll: If It's Red, It's Dead

February 4th by Lylirra

In previous polls and forum discussions, we've focused a lot on PvE content: which new quest zone was your favorite, how you celebrate certain holiday events, and even if you've been slaughtered by local wildlife. But PvE is only one (delicious) slice of the World of Warcraft pie.

For many of you, when someone asks, "What is best in life?" there's only one answer:  "To crush the newbs, see them driven before me, and read their lamentations on the forums" -- and we salute you. There are a variety of ways to defeat your foes, though, and we want know which of those you enjoy the most. Do you like to fight the good fight in Battlegrounds, go toe-to-toe with opponents in Arenas, or are you more inclined to see the world, meet new players, and engage in a little Player-vs.-Player tête-à-tête?


Head on over to our forum poll to cast your vote.