Tune In June 9–10 for the WoW Arena World Championship: European Qualifier Cup 3


The Arena World Championship Summer Season continues on Twitch this weekend with the European Cup Qualifier #3. We’ve got all the information you need on where to watch and which teams to keep an eye on this weekend.

Ascending Victory: Interview with Akrololz of Ascendant

In the second European Cup of the summer, Ascendant denied Method Black their fourth consecutive cup win. We caught up with Ascendant’s Rogue player ‘Akrololz’ to discuss the thrilling seven-game grand final series of Rogue/Mage/Priest mirrors.

What do you look for as a Rogue to win in an RMP [Rogue/Mage/Priest] mirror match?

Akrololz: In mirrors, Rogue is required to do a lot—you have to stop enemies’ goes*, and at the same time Rogues have to lead a lot, and do goes. It’s important to make the game sometimes by going from defense to offense, so I have to force my Priest or Mage to push for Kidney Shot into Polymorph or Psychic Scream. As a Rogue, you can also reverse games by stopping enemy Priest fears [Psychic Screams] with Kidney Shot, which can sometimes enable your Priest to fear and instantly reverse a go. You can also win the game with unpredictable Smoke Bombs, and flawless Kicks on enemy mage including his frost school to deny Ice Block.”

*A “go” refers to an offensive setup in which team uses their crowd control to prevent the healer from healing. This can only happen occasionally in Rogue/Mage/Priest mirrors because of Kidney Shot’s cooldown and diminishing returns on crowd control.

How is it to play against a Rogue as good as Whaazz on the opposition?

Akrololz: It’s really hard to play against Whaazz in mirrors. His team members all play it really well, and Whaazz knows exactly what he has to do, so the challenge is always really high between me and him. Every time when we lose a game to each other, we also learn something new from each other. We’re both trying to do our best to win the game.

How confident are you going into the Summer Finals?

Akrololz: We are ready and prepared for the Summer Finals; if meta doesn’t change, I think we have really good chances to win this LAN.

With their victory in European Cup 2, Ascendant are all but assured to qualify for their 2nd seasonal finals of the year.

Tournament Information

  • Anyone can sign up, and no Arena rating is required! Click here to sign up for the next Cup!
  • Team rosters can have up to four players, but teams can also sign up with three.
  • Each online Cup has a $10,000 Prize Pool, and there are AWC points up for grabs.
  • Top point earners from North America and Europe will be invited to compete at the Summer Finals in July for their share of $100,000!
  • Tournament Mode is required; item level is normalized, and Honor talents and Artifact Power are maximized to ensure an equal playing field.
  • All Arena Cups are now taking place on the Tournament realms, which allows competitors to create a max-level character of any class to compete with.

Learn more about the tournament, including sign-up deadlines and official rules, in our WoW Arena World Championships: Summer Season 2018 Reveal.

Tournament Schedule

Event / VODs

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EU Cup #1

May 12

May 13

NA Cup #1

May 19

 May 20

EU Cup #2

May 26

May 27

NA Cup #2

June 2

June 3

EU Cup #3

June 9

June 10

NA Cup #3

June 16

June 17

If you missed the action in EU Cup #2, you can watch the VOD or catch up by reading our recap!

You can watch the third European Cup live on Twitch on Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10 beginning at 9 a.m. PDT.