The Asia-Pacific Finalists are Coming to Sydney!

September 12th by Blizzard Entertainment

The World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Asia-Pacific Regional Finals are bringing the best of the region to Sydney. After several months of competition, three teams from Korea and two teams from Taiwan have emerged to join the best three teams from Australia and New Zealand to fight for a share of USD $50,000 and a coveted pathway to the Global Finals at BlizzCon. Tune in for two days of the best World of Warcraft Arena play in the region, featuring the new Battle for Azeroth maps, as we find out which team will claim the right to represent the Asia Pacific in November.

When To Watch

Day 1: Saturday 22nd September 11:00am AEST/10:00am KST/6:00pm PDT
Day 2: Sunday 23rd September 11:00am AEST/ 10:00am KST/6:00pm PDT


Traditional Chinese:

Favorites to look out for

Australia/New Zealand

UnitasGG won the APAC finals in 2017, and were the first Australian team to represent the region at BlizzCon. Gronkz were one game short of advancing to BlizzCon from the North America Regionals in 2016 but didn’t compete in 2017. They finished in top position for the ANZ cups in 2018. Yoske, from team Mad Dog, has played on North American teams and is player to watch in the event.

team Blank now- Unitas Gold
Former Asia-Pacific 2017 champions “Blank” are competing as Unitas Gold.


The best and the most experienced Taiwanese player 萬夫, (“Wanfu” comes from “萬夫莫敵”, which means “Invincible” in Chinese) kept leading his team 熊國王滷味 in the Arena and triumphed in the grand final. “熊國王滷味”means Bear King Braised Foods, and the Bear King brand was created by the team as their real-life career connected with their WoW esports life.

The Taiwanese representative teams.
The Taiwanese representative teams.


The winner of the WoW Arena KR Qualifier was team Give It, who showed exceptional skills in surviving difficult situations. The other two teams also showed off their colors during the KR Qualifiers; Team Best enjoyed more of a frontal assault while Misfit Toys seemed to enjoy more of carefully timed sequenced attacks.

Team Give It from Korea
Team Give It from Korea.
Team Name Name Alias
Gronks Dustin Craig-Hewett Fitz
Gronks Michael James Eggins Nukkz
Gronks Jarrer Hensel Volchok
Gronks Mohamud Guled Abdirahman Iro
Mad Dog Nicholas Berton Fresh
Mad Dog Mitchell Liam Pritchard Oxygen
Mad Dog Jia Xing Kent Foong Yoske
Mad Dog Jordan Thompsan Featherfeet
Unitas GG Kane Dennis Yunex
Unitas GG Joel Thomas Barker Streaming
Unitas GG Nathan Thomas Saccuzzo Primez
Unitas GG Ethan Alder Poon
Team Name Name Alias
(ROC Bear King's Braised Foods)

Bin-en Hung

(ROC Bear King's Braised Foods)
Chien-Cheng Kuo Wanfumudi
(ROC Bear King's Braised Foods)
Yng-Ta Tsai Dogmage
(ROC Bear King's Braised Foods)
Cheng-Yuan Wu Maopi
ZFA Hsuan-Chen Yeh Sam
ZFA Yu-Hsiang Huang BB
ZFA Tsung-Yu Tsai Yoyo
ZFA Li-Wei Lai sasaber

Team Name Name Alias
댕댕이 (Team Beast) Jo Seonhun Uface
댕댕이 (Team Beast) Yu Taegyu chickenjjeck
댕댕이 (Team Beast) Kang Mingu Selectx
댕댕이 (Team Beast) Rho Ho Jung hamhaza
함하자 (Give It) Hong Geonwoo Gausing
함하자 (Give It) Kim Jeongsu Leesora
함하자 (Give It) Choi Minkook Dolgangswag
함하자 (Give It) Lee Dong Hyun Leedonghyun
와린이 (Misfit Toys) Chae Soo Ho Sooho
와린이 (Misfit Toys) Yang Wooram Bogus
와린이 (Misfit Toys) Kim Minsu Yeonyeon